She Flipped Off Trump, Now She's Running For Office | #CrashTheParty

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In 2017, Juli Briskman went for a bike ride and became a symbol for the resistance against Trump. Now, she’s running for public office in 2019. Subscribe to HuffPost today:

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reefcreep says:

Another useless liberal thst will support the burning and looting of cities. She was mad about daca meanwhile trump made a deal to give all dreamers currently here citizenship on the note thtt is doesn't apply to family members out of the country. The dems out right refused the legislative offer. So yea cant blame trump now.

harry papantoniou says:

I don't understand what the issue is. You have the right to express yourself. You have the right to tell your customer to f off and give them the finger same same, even with no provocation….but when you tell your customer to f off don't play the victim that you got fired for it because there's also consequences wether working hours or not. The customer is a customer so own it!



123 456 says:

She's a hero.

Haward tAn says:

A democ-rat voted by dumb-sters

Troy Ralph Alldis says:

What a usless waste of her time.

Troy Ralph Alldis says:

She is a pretty stupid lady.

ZANEY Alexander says:

Golfing again? You people are so far beyond reach.

123 456 says:

She's a hero.

Saimanda says:

Lets see what she does in office…

Kevin Charles says:

I need one of those for my dogs. Lol

JDMime says:

Anytime a women insults a Republican they fire her or have her arrested (the woman who dropped one drop of milkshake on a horrible republiCON). Do these guys need safe spaces or what?

Alla Man says:

All the best to another four years flipping fingers.

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