US Military Plan to Defeat an Alien Invasion

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The United States military has secret plans in case Earth is invaded by extraterrestrials, and in today’s epic video we’re going to show you a simulated showdown with a hostile Alien race that decided to set foot on planet Earth. Who would win in a showdown vs the US military and Aliens? You’ll have to watch today’s awesome video to find out!


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The Infographics Show says:

Correction: It would take 100's of year for them to travel at 5% speed. My math was…. wrong.

Dontlook36 says:

TvP basically.

ZeiX94 says:

Final Boss fight of 2020 in Christmas.

Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti says:

Do not worry, we will take care of them!

Asmodeus says:

cool story bro

NeonBlueInsanity says:

Is no one talking about how the alien shop in the video looks like the axiom from WALL-E?

bobo brazil says:

What a JOKE!!! your talking about an entity that may be millions of years ahead of us in tech… put it mildly….the US Military would be like a bunch of cave men with clubs…..trying to fight today's most advanced Military !!!!!!!

Aaron Monroe says:

Thumbs down to anyone who didn't thumbs down this video. This is so factually incorrect it's not funny. ANY interstellar species would OBLITERATE all nations, regardless of that nation's advancements. It doesn't matter if they didn't take in to account progress we made, but they absolutely would. All that matters is their technology would be extremely superior to our own. We fu king use ROCKETS to travel in space, remember that. It was a cool story I won't lie but you lost me at they didn't take in to account our advancements

Kevin West says:

If this was the Obama administration perhaps, but we have an administration who does not listen to the scientist or doctors or the military or anyone who is not on Fox News. America would be F in the A while our commander-in-chief would be hiding in a bunker under the White House…

4 GIVE says:

How about collecting Alien Weapons and reverse engineering it against them?

4 GIVE says:

But the truth is, alien war in demonic war between humans

Galctic Cow1713 says:

America basically does what japan did

Jinnah Khan says:

juper is door ,no one could find ,take lenth of path ,flight back why putten ricet fly so fast ,black hole .

Kylo ren says:

*aliens invade earth and destroyed military settlements

Human resistance: I'll take your entire stock.

Allan Mogensen says:

you are so wrong,u dont even begin to have a chance,trying to fight against the force of the lightspeeding galaxy.they are flying with gods grace,thats why our satanic world are still alive.

Vine Cat says:

Excuse me, the US is not the world’s super power, definitely not as long as Trump is still alive xD

xav says:

9:50 But if the aliens are smart enough to move at 5% the speed of light, surely they are smart enough to be able to predict that we would have vast technological advancements in the next 100 years? Surely they would be able to predict our technology based off of their own progression.

Seth Maki says:

The idea that Trump as president would actually follow any advice is the true science fiction of this video.

Russell Griffith says:

So they’re 100 light years away and they’re traveling at 5% the speed of light, it should take them 500 years to arrive i have no idea how they got there in 20

pat a says:

Plus, 3 things.. 1 aliens just release super virus, 2 they just park a giant disc in front of the sun and block our sun light and protect the disc with anti missile guns. 3 just cover the whole atmosphere with thick black cloud and wait..there are litterally so many cheap and cost effect ways that you just can't even worry… if anything there should be a plan to have the best party in history if aliens show up..

Jérôme Mignault says:

The Aliens could simply build a colony and industrial center on another planet of the solar system and launch unlimited invasions from there. The concept of a Bridge Head you know ?

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