The US Air Force's Secret New Fighter Jet Looks Like Something From Another Planet

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The US Air Force’s Secret New Fighter Jet Looks Like Something From Another Planet

The world continues to search for clues surrounding the mysterious new fighter jet that the U.S. Air Force secretly designed, built, and flew in just one year. We’re still debating whether or not the Air Force already showed us what the new fighter looks like, and now, one defense blog raises an even more intriguing question: What if the Air Force’s new fighter jet isn’t actually a fighter jet at all?

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gordon music says:

It's your move putin…

Jhunjhun Castro says:

God bless America depend the small country has been bullying bye Chinese Communist Party

Arthur Niblock says:

Keep dreamin!!!!

Marcfx says:

The newest "jet" that will become the main craft for the next 20/30 years is a man less drone, it already costs $20 billion and is the 6th generation…can reach mk3-5 and even faster with the Aktom engine afterburner. space can also be reached with its vacuum engine system….

cromagxx says:

…regarding the crooked insert ad: DT is not a pro-violence president and in neither a racist in any form and he doesn’t support any racist group whatsoever, so stop hiring those low life beings to cowardly attempt to create dissent and division among us!! Nothing you do will work, we know better now and can see the devil in desguise you actually are!!

ADB1979 says:

Do NOT bother to watch this video, and if you do, skip the first 5:50 as this huge chunk of this video doesn't even have a rendering of an actual prototype until then. After this point, half of what remains is still nothing to do with an upcoming plane design.!
Basically, this video is mostly BS, watch something else…

JCL C says:


radinko radivojevic says:

It just another easy target for Russian S-400 or S-500, this two beast gonna take down this thing like flying bug, hahah ..nothing I mean nothing can escape this two beast ..

Matt Andrews says:

This craft is nothing but a distraction from the triangle shaped anti gravity craft that we’ve had for decades now. Don’t believe me? Just google “triangle shaped spacecraft” and learn for yourself. This “stealth” aircraft is a f*ckin joke, don’t be fooled.

yea bouy says:

These are all the "UFOs" people saw at area 51

DATSUN59 - CB1000R Neo Sport Datsun says:


Arthur D Duda says:

What a waste of time

heimdalshorn says:

…much bla-bla, zero real information…..

Charles Philippe Ababao says:

New fighter plane made in CGI .WOW!! HAHAHAHA

Mark Solarz says:

Reports of flying “Doritos” continues………secret aircraft at high altitudes. Reports of KC-135’s rendezvous with Mountain Dew tankers haven’t been confirmed……but suspected. Cheese Puffs used as chaff….again. Unconfirmed.

Ping Ellaga says:

This jetplane is familiar from the design of flying aircraftin the sci di movies

Kok Thye Ang says:

Beware of China's theft and copying !!!

T Sclly says:

looks like an Nvidia ad and I'm not buying the new RTX 3000 series until the teething is solved, but I'll assume that the F35 systems are core components and finally functional… Aerial refueling off of the Navy's prime platform is still a very big problem and the Osprey they need to be given to the Chinese they are so bad. "Guns-a-Go-Go" was way more valid and liked than any Osprey.. as all you have to do is descend (+500ft/min) in the helo mode (to fast ) and they crash … oh, land hard and never take off again

Mick Berick says:

Stealth might actually sue you unless you have licenced the whole movie you clowns

Don Thursby says:

We need a new war so we can test all these cool toys out.

Victor Banuelos says:

I'll take 2 …because I'm an American and love my country. Oh wait a minute, I own one and didn't know it !

Bipolar Spock says:

When they cloak like romulan Warbird I'll be impressed. And those starfox looking R wings on this video, I splash them with a f15 on ace combat all the time lol

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