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In this video, I’ll show you where Raynald Chatillon lived, fought in crusades and raided carvan routes and surrounding Islamic controlled lands. Enjoy!

Karak Castle in the Levant, built by Baldwin the first of Jerusalem in 1142 and home to a minor French Nobleman, a hero, a villan, a rogue, a gooodie Raynald Chatillon. At age 28 year old and he met and secretly married Constance of Antioch.
Raynald’s poor behaviour included torturing the Patron of Antioch, Raynald beat him up quite
severely and put him out in the sun with honey on his head so that the insects would get at him. The Patron was a pretty old man and so after this kind of torture and abuse he consented to giving her now the money for the crusade.

In a raid in 1161 Raynald was captured by the Muslims and was imprisoned in Aleppo for 15 years. No one would pay his ransom as he was not well liked. After 15 years he was ransomed for a120,000 gold dinar in 1176. While imprisoned in Aleppo Constance died in 1163.

When Raynald was released he became envoi to four rulers, including Manuel was a Spain and envoi to Baldwin IV of Jerusalem (the 16 year old leper). At this time Renard the Chilean went was married to Stefanie de Mille.

Battle of Montgisard, Raynald Chitillon was the actual leader for Crusaders win. Saladin was not happy. From Karrick & Shobak Castle Raynald raided pilgram and trading caravans in 1182 and not ransom the spoils. So in 1187 Salidan put a jihad on Raynald. Evil Raynald would throw his enemy over the ramparts and crush you to death over on that spur.

In 1183 Karak Castle hosted the wedding of Humphrey IV (16) and Isabella of Jerusalem (14) while the castle was being besieged. It is said that Stephanie de Mille had sent food down to Saladin so that he would not bombard the marital chamber of the the wedding.

In about 1185 raynald became allied with Sybilla and Guy of Lusignan. Lake Tiberis was the site for the Battle of Hattin, where Guy of Lusignan and Raynald were captured by Saladin. Saladin gave water to Guy of Lusignan. After Guy drank he then passed the water over to Raynald. Raynald drank the water but because Saladin did not offer the water to Raynald himself, Saladin struck Raynald with a sword and while he fell down severed his head and that was 4th of July 1187, aged 61 or 62 .

Reasons Saladin beheaded Raynald Chatillon
1 because he drank the water that wasn’t offered to him personally by Saladin
2 Raynald would not convert to Islam
3 it was a political move by Saladin because Raynald had been such a pain for such a long period of time stealing the trade and pilgrim caravans, I think it was a political move to get rid of Raynald.

Main sources of information about Raynald
1 William of Tyre who wrote really poorly over now because Ray was basically humiliating to Christian world with all of these raids and he wasn’t listening to what the the the Kings were saying
2 Muslim history historical documents because when Saladin actually wrote back to say why he had killed Raynald demonstrated that Raynald was really a formidable opponent and was respected as an opponent s
3 Modern historians say that he was a maverick that he was really disrupting the Christian cause and humiliating some say that he was a marauder that just could not resist temptation.
4 Christian historians say that he was a martyr and yet he was experienced and he was a reasonable leader one of the primary reasons that he has actually a good leader is because he actual prevented unification of all of the Muslim states that were around just because he kept disrupting so much of the surrounding Muslim area
5 Historical novels that have include a Raynald Chatillon giving very different perspectives of Raynald
6 A representation of Raynald in the 2005 Ridley Scott’s movie Kingdom of Heaven where Brendan Gleeson plays Raynald as a big hairy buffoon, basically that grovel and humiliates himself and has had has to kiss the hand of Baldwin IV the 16 year old leper king’s hand.

Come to Karak and you to can walk in historical footsteps.

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