Chinese Minister on COVID-19: 'You can't blame China'

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Minister Ma Hui of the Chinese Embassy in the UK defended his government’s handling of the #COVID-19 outbreak.

MPs have accused China of downplaying the #coronavirus pandemic in its early stages, which hindered the fight against the disease.

“You can’t blame China for inaction from other governments,” he said.

Mr Hui said the cause of the virus is still unknown and insisted Dr Li Wenliang was “not a whistleblower”.

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Muttley says:

China should pay for the world to be vaccinated, once one is fully tested. It’s as simple as that!

Alexan123 Rodzin says:

Many media have erected an invisible wall between countries in the world, and ignorant people are always willing to believe what they want to believe in their minds. It's time to look at the world more from different angles. Compared with the British and the Western world, the Chinese have a more global perspective.

Chas Gordon says:

can't wait for the 50 cent army to find this

VVX VX says:

Boycott the nation entirely from travel, trade and communication with other governments. In extreme cases: use brute force to keep Chinese Citizens from traveling, even in cases of emergency. They are destroying the world.

Hui Xiong says:

Haters aren’t capable of critical thinking.

KickBackOffTheGround says:

'The first human cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus causing COVID-19, subsequently named SARS-CoV-2 were first reported by officials in Wuhan City, China, in December 2019.'

There was a significant outbreak of covid 19 in Wuhan, China which was the origin of the disease caused ny unhygienic and cruel conditions in a market that sold wild animals, contributing to the depletion of wild animals and destruction of habitats for pseudo science (TCM). Since then it has spread across the world and over one million people have died and millions of livelihoods destroyed.

No Sound says:

I directly blame China


Yes it's all Chinas fault those beings are the reason why we are dying

Kevin McCawley says:

If they truly believe they’re not to blame then they’ll be happy to take a lie detector test

CC Caleb says:

China sucks

Able阿博 says:

yeah u cant blame china,blame the ccp

Puneet Goyal says:

Whenever chinese move their lips they r lying

Inkky Creator says:

I mean china is the one whos eating dirty food so why not blame them

Steelmonger888 says:

Yes we can blame China. We are!

ricky wings says:

I can, it is 100 percent chinas fault

You Tube says:

Fk China and their CTDs (China transmitted diseases). China is a virus to the world. Time to vaccinate the world from China!

Abhishek Kumar says:

Extremely shameless.PRC must compensate to the world's loss

aritro bagchi says:

China should be penalized

Dr Martin says:

This guy sounds just like the democrats here lol

The Dude says:

The corona-19 virus came from China. China concealed the truth about the virus an did not contain it. Now the world is infected. Time to pull all manufacturing from China. China can not be trusted.

Julian N says:

Fck China! And the democrat party i feel like they're behind this b-llshit for the election!

rusty nail says:

u so wrong wong.

Storm Rider says:
This whistleblower proves this Chinese minister is a liar.

Storm Rider says:

China could have reported the outbreak much sooner giving other nations time to prepare. Instead they tried to sweep it under the carpet.

Erik Darmawan says:

China is the biggest liar ever, they should be confessing about this pandemic

Satyajit Das says:

covid 19 is a bio weapon by china !!

The Slavic Phenomenon says:

I heard China stopped internal travel long before it’s foreign travel was stopped.
I suppose they were thinking that if they are going down everyone is going down with them…

marco mac says:

China can not be Blake b3cause they dont like to follow the rule of law.
Comunist china will kill all animals and humans on earth if we let them.

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