Robotic Science Missions to Minmus to find new Features from the KSP Breaking ground DLC

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The Ruskies have created a new walker robot and have sent it to Minmus to explore the new surface features that can be found there since the release of the Breaking Ground DLC. Not to be out done the Murkins have also sent out a lone scientist to assemble some of their new portable experiments.

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Jett Quasar says:

Start times for the different craft
WASP – 0:21
Star Bus – 2:12
Proton – 3:09
Yaytso Chelovek – 5:08

Red Mini crewmate says:

I can't play ksp because,…… It's not on Phones

semeon1979 says:

Ракета очень красивая получилась!

B1 Laxson says:

A year later, the Covid Pandemic has shut things down so I have returned to Kerbal. Learning the robotics myself for the first time. I remain amazed how wonderful the spider-leaper is.
Do you think you could revisit it to show us in the video the Kal-1000 setup for it?

Roy requires WiFi says:

This video inspired me to make a custom lander. And hopefully I’ll be able to inspire people to make cool robotic stuff to 🙂

LondonSpade says:

I've been driving my rover around Minmus at 11.5 m/s for fucking ages and I haven't found ANY surface features (yes I have the DLC)

Riku sw says:

Absolutely awesome !

Alex Kuz says:

Когда вы прекратите выкладывать секреты русской космической программы в общий доступ?

Orvishana says:

Surprised the heck out of me when the spider crab thing went full gazelle.

Мощь Дедов says:

the рускиес… nice 😀

HauntedPancake says:

Excellent ! Specially liked the Space-horsey mode :P. Very creative Designs

Ryszard Przytuła says:

Really awsome movie, great job !

Milk Boy says:

Мне кажется или там реально Музыка из бара «100 рентген»

Ryan Chen says:

proton is actually old and outdated

Ryan Chen says:

Your design is somewhat risky

McKiney Wilson says:

Your aircraft designs are absolutely gorgeous, a beautiful mix of modern utility, and retrofuturistic flair. Your designs never cease to inspire!

Ryan Chen says:

The ruskies beat Val.Oof

Ryan Chen says:

Excuse me.SSTO is illegal according to me AND the everyday astronaut


Ты русский?? Все это время ты был русским????

Katerina Zaruykina says:


Ryan Chen says:

Include ESA pleez

Ryan Chen says:

Let's not get into politics and have the Kerbiets and Kerbicans cooperate

TheBaconDeity says:

The egg person? u wot?

Aurelian-Cristian Rus says:

Who is the best version of KSP to get mods?

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