How Ads (and People) Persuade You

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If you can recognize when you’re being persuaded, it’s a lot easier to make sure your opinions are actually your own.

Hosted by: Hank Green
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Alyson Lofgren says:

It's crazy how much all of this applies to the election and political ads.

timothy mitchell says:

I stopped cleaning and started swiffering! Just call cleaning something whimsical and now it's Fun! Yea!

Ki Haru says:

I'm too much of a cheap stake to be persuaded XD

Zes says:

nah, no such thing as fast slowx, persuadex or not etc or authority or believe that because uniform, doctorsx etc, cepu, think, do any nmw and any be perfect, self led not led by othershtx

Jhaymarth Ortiz says:

Can I use this as an example in my presentation?

Joseph Louwerse says:

This actually says a lot about the way people vote.

chaoticandrew says:

i'm so glad this video isn't just one of the arguments where they're like "ohhh but it doesn't matter if you hate this ad and product!!! ads WILL persuade you no matter what!!! you are being persuaded!!!" such a stupid argument stg

ethan says:

Didn't find this as insightful as previous vids.

Vitaly says:

Thank you for your video!

Also I would recommend Udimi because it is the best place where you can buy or sell advertising

Dennis Tucker says:

Hank, love your videos…but the hair?

Amruta Mahajan says:

I'm writing a piece on 'Targeted Ads' this vid helped! Thanks

Aracaneus says:

It only takes 5 Seconds or More than To Skip. Either It is not enough. I would Install an Ad Blocker. It is good to have that so I can Install it.

Aracaneus says:

I have been getting complaints about advertisements, They are the stupidest to me. Rather fight with Advertisements and Talk about them. I have been annoyed about advertisements. I just always get ads… In every video I watch, Ads Pop Up Infront of my screen. In front of my Face. It doesn't surprise me that much. It just irritates me. So I do not think about them, My Opinion is to try to Eliminate Advertisements. That is all I just talk about Advertisements.

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