How Trump and Biden are fighting for three key battleground states

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President Trump’s top TV ad spending this week is targeting the battleground states of Florida, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, three states he won in 2016 by narrow margins. Jon Delano, money and politics editor for CBS Pittsburgh; Jim DeFede, investigative reporter for CBS Miami; and Riley Beggin, political reporter for Bridge Michigan, join CBSN’s “Red & Blue” with the latest on these three crucial states.

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Jeff Allen says:

Republican senators won't even rally with trump in their states because they are afraid trump will end their own campaign. Trump has destroyed the Republican party.

George Masters says:

Sorry to inconvenience you Mr. President by having to take the time to be nice. If you want them to be nice to you maybe try not to be a disgusting, vile "human being." You haven't try that yet. Give it a shot.

Richie G says:

He's needs to realize that his election campaign is loosing in all the battle ground states now.

BRM202 says:

The suburbs aren't as white as they use to be. He might want to change his messaging.

V. Lalchhuanawma says:

It is just the leader of the free world standing before world television asking women to like her… Greatest love story

Sagrav Vjl says:


Cleta Goodhart says:

It's stupid, there should be no MAIL IN BALLOTS ALOUD, SO

Cleta Goodhart says:

It's stupid, there should be no MAIL IN BALLOTS ALOUD, SO

Henry says:

The venerable and historically non partisan New England Journal of Medicine calls to vote Trump out of office to save the country ( Dying in a Leadership Vacuum ). Trump dropped the ball, and 216 thousand of Americans died.

Septembers Whisper says:

With all the news coming out showing all the dirty dealing with biden and hunter, the media will now be running defense. Should be interesting, time for popcorn. sure it won't bother most of you because you have all been brain washed to hate Trump so much based on all the lies they have been telling you for years, that you would vote for biden if he raped and killed a child. But that is your choice.

Barbara Jean Harper Texan Resident says:

I have one child out of wedlock by a guy who just won't pay up I call him Mango number 5 cause my daughter Destiny Elizabeth Harper is the 5th child out of his 7 that he just won't pay up for and I tell you what it is just not funny or right anymore ya know. Well anyways, take care Trump. Ms. Barbara Texas Resident….

Hurgin says:

BIDEN is KING of CORRUPTION !!!!!!! TRUMP is The GREAT MANAGER who will SAFE our ECONOMIC !!!!!TRUMP -2020 !!!!!!

Stella Rocquie says:

Support Legislation in the United States to BAN COURT ORDERED RAPE!

FDT FDT says:


Barbara Jean Harper Texan Resident says:

Take care Trump. Ms. Barbara Jean Harper TX Resident age45 and my fiance and we are Harper/Koestens

ab bc says:

As NYTIMES report of private White house Virus Briefings Fueled Early Stock Sell-off. So was it this briefing was loop hole like tRump $750 tax ?

Barbara Jean Harper Texan Resident says:

I used to live in Wisconsin about 28 years ago decades ago. Now I reside in the State of Texas I been living here in Texas for 18 years already. I have my own home and own healthcare.

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