Preview: Vladimir Putin reveals what he admires about America

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Russian President Vladimir Putin is among those heading to the United Nations to address the General Assembly Monday, for the first time in more than a decade. Charlie Rose sat down for a one-on-one interview with the Russian leader for “60 Minutes” and looked at what Putin thinks of America and how the world views him.


Himer Samps but stronger says:

I like what he said about America being so prosperous due to our open-mindedness. Only if he applied that towards his own country, he could be the messiah of world leaders.

Ocean Marine says:

Good night presidente putin thank you very much

A U says:

The host seems like he is high 0:38.

Tushar Gaikwad says:

Am I the only one who is getting back to back vedio of Putin in recommendations

shadow walker says:

Its funny how more Americans like Vladimir over Trump

Moïra says:

Question idiote adressée à l’un des hommes politiques les plus intelligents au monde. Les Américains toujours imbus de leur…nombril.

Mob Dev says:

It seems like all American journalists can ask is "what do you admire about America, how do you like America…" And so on. This interview is so forced.

ociv delos says:

Creativity to create internal conflict and self destruct a nation.

Humay Qarabagli says:

i like his botox.

Kyrpäpasi022 says:

Wtf why is this narrator like this I don't understand anything just use text

Shortcut 101 says:

I wanna hear him speak in English. Pretty sure his slang sounds like more gangster than Italian mafia

Jose A Perez Rivera says:

Doy mibida porti cuenta conmigo

Jose A Perez Rivera says:

Doyle mibida porti putin

Pronoy Roy says:

Putin is like a real-life James Bond!

Not Illuminati says:

This interviewer looks like one of kindergarten teachers who forces you to eat the lunch

Roma Scopa says:

Yet the Democrats want to take that trait away by pushing socialism.

NyKxSsSs says:

putin speaks fluent german and english, why does he need a translator?

Ruben de Jong says:

Americans: Talk about us!!
Also Americans: He is always talking about us!

dbacksfan2 says:

But drumpf and him are friends. Oooh cheeto man

Vincent Murolo says:

hi i am from the future – putin owns the U.S. now

Kevin Bolt says:

I think Putin lost his virginity before his father.

СекретнийакCOK KOC says:



His barber was sent to Gulag after this interview.

Itamar Rosen says:

"What do you admire most about America?"
Probably the most American question I've ever heard.

Alex Agius says:

A Russia USA alliance would be in the interest of both, AKs for the USA, and an ally against China

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