Exchange between Sen. Harris and Judge Kavanaugh on Mueller Investigation (C-SPAN)

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Senator Kamala Harris asks if Judge Kavanaugh has discussed Mueller Investigation with anyone at Kasowitz Benson Torres law firm.

Kavanaugh: “I would like to know the person you’re thinking of.”

Sen. Harris: “I think you’re thinking of someone and you don’t want to tell us.”

Full video here:


Eddie Salgado says:

What's with the stupid faces kamala makes all the time? She probably thinks that by making those faces people won't notice she's stupid?

Dee Bee says:

she got owned…. in your face miss harris

Dick Fitswell says:

Why would they let the ugly people in. Come on. They should have known by then that all the uggies are crybabies who hate facts

Dick Fitswell says:

3:21 the guy behind mr Lee laughing at the rabbit quip

Raven Whitechapel says:

She is very smart and I like her and for a long time I knew nothing about her and I couldn't stand her cuz I thought that she was being picked as biden's running mate because she was black and that was all period but now I see she's 10 times more smarter than Biden and she's aggressive and she goes after people an identified way to make them answer the truth and this guy before her is a pathetic f**** liar and he should be put in prison.

Juliano4425 says:

This is who we want to be president. A condescending subhuman with no respect and a garbage rep of a once great state? 3 weeks and I pray we make the right decision.

kgc114 says:

With dementia comes also a physical change to ones appearance. The skin looks waxy, pale from less blood flow. Biden has every sign that is the case.

kgc114 says:

This disrespectful bully and slut is your president after election if Biden has dementia.

Adam McGarry says:

Shes a dirty cop

Raymond J. says:

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. You can’t ask the same damn question 10 times and expect the dude to give a different answer.

bigbaba1111 says:

You vote for democrats and this disgusting bitch who slept her way up will run the country.

tom tom says:

As if a judge was to know every person affiliated to that firm, gotcha question

John Doe says:

This is why people don't like Kamala Harris

Stephanie Purtle says:

Wow. She’s the worst.

Pam Houston says:

Kamala is a rude, nasty human being!

david beckham says:

What a nasty woman

Jason Gentile says:

She is such a boss bitch….she is super tough.

Anthony Sosa says:


CrewRanger Gaming says:

Harris hired those people to shout and yell.

michael kohlberg says:

She is ignorant

StyleSystems says:

I hate her so much I cant even say…

Philip Demers says:

No matter what your politics are, Harris is clearly an insecure, nasty person with a complimentary seasoning of conspiratorial thinking. What a toxic person to have in government.

Debra frazier says:

Harris was out of her league then and now . Indian, Jamaican does make a black woman. A lier should not get to question anyone .

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