Sharing COVID-19 experiences: The Italian response

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Italy was the first Western country to be heavily affected by COVID-19. In response to the outbreak, the Italian government and community, across all levels, reacted strongly and effectively, turning around the trajectory of the epidemic by implementing a series of science-based and stringent measures. Determination, collaboration and unity were hallmarks of the Italian response. This video tells the story of Italy’s experience:


TheLorem20 says:

invece dei numeri perchè NESSUNO USA LE PERCENTUALI tra gli stati colpiti ? OMS poco credibile

Democracy in Asia says:

WHO and China CCP should be totally held accountable for all the losses and suffering. Such a disgraceful corrupt organization, bribed by the CCP. Lost control of the spread and have been help covering up the Origin.of the Virus. Such a shameful organization, hope they all GO TO HELL.

BenziX says:

C-19 impacted entire world. We all know what this "C" means.

Arneth Productions says:

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James says:

Usate le mascherine daii ! Forza !

Francesco Martino Vallone says:

January until may, victims from:
-Coronavirus 237.000
-Malaria 327.000
-Suicide 357.000
-Traffic accident 450.000
-Cancer 2.740.000
-Hunger 3.371.000
-Infectious diseases 4.331.000
-Abortion 14.184.000

WHO, go home.

Vittorio Morelli says:

Reading this comment section I've lost hope in humanity even more.

Lu Yuan says:


Lu Yuan says:

Andiamo avanti!! 

Maxs1s Ross says:


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