Inside a Mexican intensive care unit battling COVID-19

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Mexico has reported a record daily rise of more than 4,800 cases of the coronavirus and more than 15,300 people there have died.
Doctors and nurses on the front lines have been protesting over the lack of training and protective equipment as they treat patients.

Al Jazeera’s John Holman reports from an intensive care unit in Mexico City.

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KingJustice98 says:

The reason people think it's a hoax is because it's still a relatively small number of people dying per capita. Unfortunately the numbers have to get extremely bad for people to start waking up, I don't know when that will be.

KingJustice98 says:

Winter will likely make this worse. Covid-19 likely has already mutated which will complicate vaccinations. There's a high number of people not wearing masks and not social distancing, especially in the U.S.


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saelaird says:

From my perspective… all I see is a hospital ward full of people with BMIs way over 30. I'm afraid this disease seems to exclusively affects fatties. Time to shed the excess pounds folks.

Martin Rooker says:

Victims of thier own culture.even the hospitals and doctors are dirty

San Bruno says:


New Soul says:

Mexico is one of the largest consumers of unhealthy food so that's why so many are dying

Soroush Zarein says:

obesiity is the biggest problem of these patients

Jaime Esquivel says:

Looks like there is an announcement where the UK has found Dexamethasone has been a treatment to those who are critically ill. Remdesivir also a treatment. Yet, I’ve watch live speech of a Doctor who was so upset that Cloroquine proved to help her patients and because of political moves by Democrat Scientists it was to be blocked and questioned by pharmacist which have forgotten their place and job as a pharmacist

Alex Castro says:

Scare propaganda…

Emiliano Altamirano says:

Lopez Obrador is incompetent and ignorant ,,,
Mexico needs a Golpe de Estado contra el comunista AMLOCO

Albert forever Ale's says:

Show different places not just Mexico City you make Mexico look so bad because that's the bigest city in Mexico and alot of people live there and people hsve to work to support there's family the usa is worse

Dale W says:

Political scam

Adam100m says:

AMLO's communist-populist government is incompetent

DekuLevi 93 says:

Come on Mexico you'll beat the COVID 19.

ReturnTrip says:

I can't help but recall so many Mexicans comments when the United States was first starting to endure Covid-19. They were all telling us we deserved it and laughing at the struggle we were going through. It's not so funny now, is it? Keep safe.

Stariaat UwU says:

I feel so bad

Devon Alexander says:

I would not be inside that hospital, even with protective gear…

midei says:

Aljazeera should make it clear that this is a private hospital. Most of the Mexican population can’t afford such luxuries. And public hospitals are… well, a place where you go to die.

Kareem Bruce says:

End is near!!

Jay Jay says:

There is a second wave coming if more isn’t done

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