How to Get into the McMaster BHSc Health Science Program: Facts & Myths

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How To Get into Medical School in Canada? The McMaster Health Science Program (McMaster BHSc) is notoriously the most challenging pre-medical program in Canadian for admissions (PreMed 101). Deemed by many experts as the gateway into Canadian medical schools, high school students across the country vie for a chance at BHSc acceptance. Many of our consultants at MedApplications are former BHSc alumni. Here, we provide a “Myths and Facts” approach to this coveted program. After you watch our short tutorial, review Our Doctors ( and get paired with a BHSc graduate for your medical school pursuits.

Why is the BHSc McMaster program so competitive? First and foremost, it’s exclusivity for an undergraduate health science program (with 160 first-year spots). By definition, this makes it competitive. With 3,500 applicants and only 160 spots, you need to be in the top 5% of applicants to get in. Just looking at the numbers, you can see how challenging that is.

Secondly, it is widely viewed as the premier undergraduate program for high school students interested in getting into medical school. For most graduating BHSc classes, over 50% ended up in medical school, thus creating an image of a pre-medical route. However, whether or not the McMaster BHSc program indeed provides an advantage for applying to medical school is not completely certain, but the truth is in the numbers.
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