Are you too stupid to be a marine biologist?

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Do you want to know if you are too stupid to be a marine biologist or any other type of scientist? Here I talk a little bit about what it takes to be a scientist.

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James Fallen says:

I more into learning about sharks. When I was 10 i watched jaws and I was hooked. I love sharks and they are very important. I found your channel and willing to learn about other things and animals in the ocean. My dream is to get in a shark cage and be up close and personal with a shark. Is that a good idea?

Cece Alvarado says:

marine biologist has been my childhood dream career (I've had a strong interest and connection to sharks since I could remember), however I always felt like the dumb kid in class. I'm about to start my marine bio goal in college with the help of a friend and this really helped motivate me that I can do it. Thank you! c:

One Buffalo says:

anyone who says "im stupid" is just lazy. Very few people are genetically inept at learning and storing things into their semantic memory. If you're dumb its cause you either dont try, dont put the work in, or dont study effectively.

Axcel Roy Ngujo says:

I wanna just study animals and focus to sea turtles

Axcel Roy Ngujo says:

I'll become Jotaro

Vivien Petre says:

Since the beginning of the high school I wanted to be a scientist. My life wasn't easy and I ended up moving abroad. Need a few years for me to save money and had to sit on a two year course then the moment came and I enrolled into a science university course. Then everything started to fell apart. I was 27 and everyone else maximum 20. I lived in a rented flat so I didn't have the student accomodation for be more social. Each lesson was mixed with different people from different course so even if I met someone I didn't see the person for the next week. The auditorums were all underground, no sunlings, no proper ventillation. So the lack of oxygen made everyone sleepy. The professors didn't like question exept when it was a genius question which happened like one a month. I stated to feel really alone and my motivation started to decline. We had to do a presentation in a group of 4. The other three was living in the same student flat so became friends quickly. On our group meeting they didn't want to discuss about the project only planning the upcoming party. So we agreed that each of us will do independent reseach and then put together. But when this time came the person in charge from the group didn't include my work as "no place left on the poster" but everyone had to talk so I ended up reading some bit from someone else work which I wasn't familiar. The result came a couple of week later that the group did well except speaker 4 aka me. We didn't get grades but still hurted me. I felt really stupid. I lost my passion. I had all the skills mentioned in the video and then it went blank. I started to have panic attack and sometimes I could't stay for the whole lesson as I felt so miserable. I finished the year but barely remember anything which is just soo bad. So I had to make the hardest decision of my life and I did. I ended up transfering into a new course. I don't think I'm stupid just I didn't have the right environment.

Daniel A says:

Im just worried i wont put in enough work

Nicola French says:

Hi Maria, love your jumper in this vid! Where did you buy this from? I have found your videos so inspiring! I have just enrolled onto a bsc marine biology course although I have done slightly different to most as I'm already a lab technician so have the work experience before starting my degree and going back to education at 26. Watching your videos has really given me a great insight on what to expect 🙂

SFX Kid says:

I’m going to study harder and become a marine biologist

burano peach says:

Hello my darling, I am a new subscriber and I have been very interested in marine biology since secondary school but I never studied hard enough in school and ended up just studying tourism. I did pass biology at school level but im not sure where to begin my journey?
What do you suggest I do?

Neehalini says:

this is super inspiring for a senior high school student!! Thankyou

Zack Byrd says:

What if you have a learning disability

銀Silver says:

Does someone with colour blind can be a marine biologist?

Ellis Ngu says:

I found you through Kristina Lynn! Amazing videos and very illuminating and informative! 🙂

Jason Creed says:

I have a friend, my best friend actually, who had a really successful career and now he's 41 years old and wants to change his career and study marine biology by going back to college and getting a new degree. He does not have a family of his own and I encouraged him to do it while keeping his full-time job in the process. Any advice for him at all about this move? I just keep offering my support and positive encouragement. I don't know what else to do. This would be changing careers entirely. He is currently in finance.

Brenna Taylor says:

Honestly I wonder this a lot. It’s easy to doubt yourself when you get bad grades in school for subjects that are related to your field, but at the end of the day it’s your passion that will get you through. I don’t test well (test anxiety yay) and have about a B- average (O-chem rip me), but that will never stop me from becoming a Marine Biologist, and it shouldn’t stop anyone else either!

Vegan Diver Katt says:

Hahaha. I love the start. But it makes me so sad that people think that about themselves. In the classes I teach, so many students I have call themselves 'dumb' and 'retarded'. 🙁

Vicki Baglin says:

Thank you for the reassurance! I am currently in the process of applying for grad school in marine programs & this has often been a reoccurring concern of mine. But as you said, I have found that being a scientist requires true passion, curiosity & hard work rather than being a natural born genius.

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