What is Cancer?

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In this video Paul Andersen answers the very simple question: What is cancer? He explains how damage to the DNA can create uncontrolled cell growth. He explains how malignant tumors can spread the disease throughout the body and gives possible treatments.

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Nuuk Gaming says:

Perfect detailed explanation

Samson Dorothy says:

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ginusha liyanage says:

Good job'…


Thanks for describing cancer so easily for what my professor took 2 hours online and still failed. Thanks for such a great and smooth informational video.

Ron ne says:

So it's all just a matter of time…
So if I were able to live for hundreds and hundreds of year's I would eventually get cancer??

Tom Dang says:

It was very helpful thank you.

Lulu Baniqued says:

Very informative for a regular person like me! Thank you for doing this video!

joe says:

i want cancer so i can die

Nevin Royath says:

Brilliant! The video was easy to understand. Thank you kindly for the video. I found it very helpful.

Qinren lim says:

Abnormalities of 3D genome architecture    cause cancers.


Samboi123 says:

So, only stupid people speed up their chances of getting cancer?

Donald Fox says:

Excellent. As always.

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