Top 3 Typography Trends of 2020 | Web Design Inspiration

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Trends come and go and I have mixed feelings about them BUT it’s never a bad thing to be aware of them – it only expands your creative toolbox.

I also find it quite fun trying to decipher why a trend is a trend. I find this activity alone helps develop my “design IQ”.

Whether trends excite you or not, I think that typography trends in particular should be something you’re aware of. Here’s why: Type is by far the most important content type on a web page. It’s what users will go hunting for first. It’s what users will consume the most and what they’ll seek to provide clarity. If you can provide a seamless “typographic experience” then you’re already well on your way to delivering a well-designed website.

What are your thoughts on these trends? Let me know in the comments!

00:00 Intro
1:17 Big Type
2:18 Using serif fonts playfully
3:32 Expanded type

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Naman Sharma says:

I really liked the previous version of the Flux Academy website, especially the typography. I'm curious as to why you chose to move away from the extended typeface in the newer version?

Sergey says:

Loved that muah :*. Smoochie smoochie 😉

badboss cj says:

I was learning from you a lot but I am a grade 8 students and I was learning in the Corna time and the school has started and I should focus on my school thank you for you and don't stop this channel I will back after 1 year and see you I accept a lot

Liam says:

Typography is the difference between a good website and a great website

Mihai Bălan says:

hello guys! what is your favourite free WIDE font? help me up with ideas xD

nishtha vishwakarma says:

Wide fonts.

Shanti9 says:

Variable fonts are very trendy and could be very download optimized….

Herman Tselinsky says:

It would be curious to hear your perspective on what do you think clients and audiences actually like right now. How to your experience clients see new trends.

HagaiTsidon Graphic says:

What are the names of the "super wide" fonts?

Najla Bahmbus says:

I loved the wide fonts trend so much

Dheeraj Singh Nagdali says:

Wide font and under line is super cool!

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