Raucous Ricciardo, Sainz Wants Silence And The Best Team Radio | 2020 Eifel Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton’s record-equalling performance was the only hit playing across the airwaves at the Nurburgring…

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Android says:

Well done Grosjean. I haven't lost a faith in you mate. You can do better next race. Go for it Mate.

Chazas says:

Actually happy for Haas and Grosjean, long awaited for Ric podium. Bravo to Hamilton and Schumacher family.

VaRdamiR says:

Ricciardo will choose worst tattoo ever. it’s now time for Cyril. Poor Cyril.

Pluckaiy says:

I feel like lando attitude to his race engineer has changed as carlos was confirmed to leave.


YEAP, that's f1.. Magnussen, ocon giovinnazzi and gasly have a place in the grid and hulkenberg doesn't. Just disgusting

Argo 73 says:

5:20 the frenchest yes I've ever seen

Dani says:

Albon: "They race me so hard", this guy is just incredible… after destroying two sets of tires and breaking another driver's spoiler

AyDoubleYou says:

Albon: Breaks 50 meters later and locks up, nearly crashes into Gasly but gasly give him enough room so there is no incident.

Albon too: "TheY rAcE me sO hArD"

Elber Galarga says:

Checo to Red Bull and Hulkenberg to Haas please.

wolfe1970 says:

How on earth did Seb get 4 titles, hes making sooo many rookie mistakes, like literally lost count, hes driving like its his first season in F1.

Kakha Khmelidze says:

Ridiculous, false Carlos.

Renata Tostada says:

I really feel for Albon most races because RB absolutely has made terrible strategic calls race after race with him and made him look worse than he is, but I have no idea what he was doing this race. It's like he wasn't paying attention or something. I'd be lying if I said that I believed that RB wanted to continue the race after Albon's second major lockup and that I doubted the necessitated early second pit was the reason they retired him. In other words, it definitely looks to me like a case of preserving the parts rather than opting to place 13th or whatever.

Jon Doe says:

Petition for Hulkenburg to race full time next year.

Nicolas Enrique Garcia Castillo says:

Schumacher was better

cortes84spartan says:


Cpyder says:

why wasnt sebs lock up in the race highlights?

Max P. says:

Half of those team radios are about asking the team to shut up . Are you sure you don't have better stuff to share?

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