It’s Payback Time | Stand Up To Cancer | Channel 4

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Their world is in the grip of a lethal outbreak. A mysterious blue substance is leading to catastrophic destruction. Who is behind it all?
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Alisher Mannonov says:

Karona virus suka ??

Alexander Maier. says:

Waht hold up agine if we won't see the end waht should we think about that 1 trump
2 a virus getting over the hole world
Future Teller?

Vultur says:

Corona enters chat

Ataul Haque 29 says:

Cells quarantine because of cancer
Human quarantine because of covid 19

Armanplayz yt says:

hmmmm this looks familiar

Bright Deogratias says:

Was this a prophesy of what is happening in (2020)??

Who put you on the planet says:

COVID 19 in nutshell:

snowgod life says:

This is more like the carona thing that is happen r nw

Good Man says:

капец они коронавирус предсказали

mrkyman 123 says:

(Covid19 and 2020 Black Lives Matter Protest)

Павел К. says:

хм что то напоминает

FatherApex Gaming says:

How did this ad predict trumps presidency

Yougi G says:

How did they predict Trumps Americans

3elca_ tn says:

Corona 2020


1:43 new left 4 dead ending

StarGamer says:

Yo I thought the blue goo was cancer spreading through the cell people

bruh moment says:

Why did YouTube reccomend me a bunch of rocks with eyes and teeth

Cloaker says:

Someone dies on the bus

Everyone:this is fine

Ralf 22 says:

Nice video man

Raihan ajril Ajriel says:

Like a covid 19

Connor Brolly says:

The president of cancer…

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