Influenza Vaccine 2019 Update for India | Protect yourself from Flu WHO Vaccine Update Dr. Annadate

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Recently WHO World Health Organization updated about the formulation and Virus of Influenza for India and Tropical countries. Influenza Vaccine 2019 Update for India is already published by Indian Academy of Pediatrics IAP that Indian Peadtricans have to SH i.e. southern Hemisphere Formulation for Influenza Vaccination. This update was published by Rishikesh Takre. Indian Doctors must be aware about when to vaccinate and which formulation (northern or southern hemisphere) to use for flu vaccine for kids in 2019. Hope this Vaccine Update is useful for all the parents and Doctors to protect yourself from Flu. Visit WHO website for Vaccine Updates. Use correct formulation of the WHO vaccine and avoid the influenza virus infection.

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Dr Amol Annadate says:

Must Watch for all parents and Pediatricians in India for Influenza Vaccine Update !

Monic Tremblay says:

Use onions . Influenza vaccine contain aborted baby dna heavy metals. No good

dr yogendra singh says:

So nice…I came to know about this for the first time.God bless

malay modak says:

Sir, it is mandatory for child. My baby's age is 7 months. What to do for taking in influenza vaccine. Kindly give necessary instruction sir.

Kamlesh Kumar says:

Rate of vaccine

Vinayak Naik says:

Your absolutely right, the pediatricians tried to use NH strain and I had to show her the WHO guideline saying SH is recommended for India. But she cut me off saying there is no difference and she gave the shot to the child. I seriously think this should be raised by the IAP and increase awareness

rohit kumar says:

Can u send me name of influenza vaccine for my child. his age is 2.5 yrs


Please send injections company name sir


In pregnancy which type of injections we use NH or Sh

Steve Forbin says:

How do the manufactures know what virus is most prevalent in the population? If you get a different virus you may not have any immunity. How many  different virus are out there?Seems to be a lotto game of what virus you get. Different country's may have much different virus type than another country. For any type of immunity you need one that is good to help your virus type infection or it is useless. What is the chance of getting infected with a virus shot?

Dr. Mangesh Manchuke says:

Very nice sir…

Freestyle Video says:

Very nice information for all people sir….

Taskiya Tabassum official says:

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I am describing my physical problem, please, why are you having problems with me and why and what is the treatment? And the name of its medicine please help me,

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Taskiya Tabassum official says:

.Dear Sir, I am a Bangladeshi, I understand that I am infected with Influenza virus?

And with its treatment medicine, please name me, please.

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