Carb lover and Weight Watchers Points plus

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I love carbs and someone asked me if I had any advice…hope this help!


Tresses by Juless says:

Thanks for the advice. I have never done well with low carbing it.

rheavon says:

My carb loves: Pasta, Bread, Tortillas.

What I used to do on Momentum: Pasta (Whole Wheat or Spinach), Bread (Double Fiber), Tortillas (Wheat or Spinach)

On PointsPlus: Pasta (Egg Noodles & occasionally Whole Grain), Bread stayed the same, Tortillas ("Low-Carb" variety 1-2 PointsPlus depending on variety).

So a few minor changes happened for me, but I'm still able to enjoy things without cutting them out of my life- and that's pretty cool.

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