What is Mathematics?

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What is Mathematics? Explained using animations and illustration Video.

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References: Math is A Language | Ted Talks https://youtu.be/V6yixyiJcos



Anyone else here from the math teacher

Mathematics says:

More lectures for applied mathematics and pdf documents
PDE : solution methods, Fourier and Lalpace transforms, heat eqn, wave eqn, transport eqn,
Recherche opérationnelle : programmation linéaire (Simplexe) et optimisation multicritère (ELECTRE)

Arfani Bae says:

Giod explain

Hannah Rosales says:

im here for school

JohnBx98 says:

1.5 speed sounds like ben shapiro

Andrew Escobedo says:

This video should have millions of views and likes.

Alican Casir says:

who came here from schology???? cause i did

Mary Jopling says:


Emmanuel Tucker says:

can someone tell me what math is

Jamie Garmon says:

Where are the females??

mazed azad says:

Alhamdullilah.One of the best content of my life.I thought that math is logical system but you broke my wrong concept which i was carrying. Ofcourse,It's a language. Yeah now i clearly understand.Thank you.

Kross Kross says:

Your voice is so satisfying Ma'sha Allah. You made me understand math much better. Thanks a lot! 😀

g brielle says:

I love this! This deserves more attention. Please upload more :((

MathExplorer says:

Great, mathematics is the queen of the other sciences.

GoldenPaw AJ says:

Anyone here from gr.8- Earth?

math and physics world says:

I am also describe mathematics.. Its my frvt subject.. I love it..

Ee Zee says:

1:28 I think the issue with school in how they teach or present math is that there's no explanation of why. That is, students aren't told how it relates to life, the universe, things manufactured, or how it's used in a practical way. Like if you take an algebra course, no one explains the context of what it is really about. Instead, you just get taught equations and things like that. I took algebra twice and I don't even remember anything, other than that it had equations with both numbers and lowercase letters. To this day, I don't know how it relates to anything in real life. I think the first thing on the first day of any math class should be to teach how algebra or trigonometry, etc. is relevant so that the student's mind can better understand the concepts.

Tan Uzunoğlu says:

Pure, easy, excellent description. Genius

Asim Hamid says:

If only I could draw with a finger like a computer.

Sam Raju says:

U r just defining it by its properties…

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