The Top 10 Astronomical Discoveries of 2019

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2020 is not the best year ever, so let’s relax by having a glance back at last year.

Anton Petrov:


Rhoddry Ice says:

Some time stamps

00:30 #10 Water and Extremophiles
08:18 #9 Colonizing the Moon
13:05 #8 Exomoons!
19:46 #7 Another Interstellar Visitor
25:23 #6 Mars's Atmosphere
29:50 #5 Venus Gets Some Love
37:43 #4 Arrokoth & Minor Planets Discoveries
43:17 #3 Betelgeuse & Super Novae
49:23 #2 Upcoming Video
49:37 #1 The Picture of M87*

Glenn Fletcher says:

Ohh yes, Venus can you have a parachute Survive Venus .nasa ?? Wake folks.gnz

Space Facts Wax says:

Thanks for sharing. I had the chance to see a rocket launch in 2018. Incredible experience. I posted a pretty fun video of the trip to my channel.

Evil Dave of Canada says:

I just found this guy and I love it !!!

Damian Ayre says:

You are freakin' hilarious, don't change a thing !!! Can't wait to see the one for 2020 !!!

Christopher Younger says:

Hello and Good evening from the Pacific coast USA =)

Loz Shamler says:

Great Content ! Well Done !

Joris Rietveld says:

I always enjoy your videos the same with Anton Petrov's videos I am a computer programmer and don't have time to read a lot of scientific papers but this is a good alternative.

Jeffrey Hancock says:

You? Made a mistake? I'd think not! Every millisecond things are changing in our universe….which means the conclusion just arrived at has already been debunked…..thanks to the unpredictable universe! You, however, are one extremely smart individual. A "mere oversight" sounds much better than "mistake". Regardless, I thoroughly enjoy learning about the universe from you….you have a way of making it a bit easier to understand. Stay safe, Be well.

Nervisa1939 says:

He sounds funny.

Central Scrutinizer says:

Unknown object enters solar system, emitting no comet tail, turns and heads out faster than it entered, speeding up as it exits. Now we can't see it, but we can calculate the fart of fly on a black hole 680 trillion light years away.
Why? Because we sleep at Holiday Inns.

SB says:

Just wanted to let you know that I watched this again, months later and in the middle of extraordinary anxiety and difficulties, and it made my day so much brighter and better. Everything you do gives me hope. Thank you. Also it's all gorgeous!!

MDT says:

excellent channel , briljaNT AND FUNNY narration.

ste kra says:

Will you do an ohter one for 2020

Nick Semertzides says:

This guys dialogue makes me think of Jor-el, Superman’s dad’s voice in that capsule as Superman was flying through space as a baby. Weird association.

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