Justin Bieber Opens Up About His Battle With Lyme Disease

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The 25-year-old singer revealed his battle with Lyme disease on his Instagram on Wednesday.


Hazza My only angel says:

You and bella Hadid gave me power .. god bless you and I pray all time that biologist can find a vaccine to lyme disease and Multiple sclerosis not corona because these diseases are sooo serious and they suck . I'm waiting for my test results I hope I'm not having MS …. I'm also starting my first year of college in biology I hope I can find MS And lyme disease cure

Chilla Blaze says:

Poor guy….hope he gets well soon…

Rob Steenwinkel says:

I myself contracted Lyme disease after a tick bite a few years ago.
You should know how many people are now becoming ill from this and the strange thing is that my doctor and Erasmus MC don't know or want to know about this.
I went through a terrible hell and only my computer helped me out of this otherwise I was now in a wheelchair and my whole rest of my life was a wreck.

The story of Rob Steenwinkel:


One in four people develops lyme disease, often without even knowing it (Ms Gouweleeuw 40 years of experience with Lyme disease).

In May 2018 I got a red circle on my upper leg and I was busy every day in the forest for hours with work, sometimes even wearing shorts. I ignored that red circle on my thigh and didn't think about it, but that was very stupid ….. VERY VERY STUPID. From June 2018 I started to suffer from enormous lower back pain and then enormous hip pain (and then also TERRIBLE right knee pain) that got worse and worse and that cannot be solved at all with the painkiller `DICLOFENAC 50mg` that the doctor prescribed at my visit on 11/22/2018.

Painkillers did not help at all and I told my doctor about the red ring who had me give a blood sample for examination of the spirochete Borrelia at STAR (blood test). Not really well thought of lyme disease. On 12/10/2018 there was a negative result, perhaps because the bacteria is now from the bloodstream and is clogged in the joint. He wanted to refer me to an orthopedist, perhaps for a new hip and knee.

Photographs and urine / blood tests at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam were also unsuccessful because the bacterium has hidden in the joints and connective tissue. They wanted to pretend that I was fine. You come in front of a wall nobody understands what is wrong with you, even the specialists of infectious diseases (do not mention them by name) at Erasmus MC think that you are fine …… it is just almost impossible to comprehend. With great sadness I had to bring my dog ​​to a shelter and it cost me tears.

I could no longer walk and also no longer sleep everything on my hip was on fire especially my knee is on fire no matter how I lie in bed then I can scream in pain and between my knees I need a do kiss. On January 8, 2019 urine / blood test and X-rays all negative and nothing could be found! I went to German, American and Dutch sites on the computer to collect a lot of information and got to work!


I bought a blender and make ginger juice from fresh ginger (LIDL), and ate a lot of fresh garlic in the food. Also make fresh beet and carrot juice in the blender and drink it fiber and all.

I also got a liter of teasel tincture see below! You should put a lot of fresh garlic all over the food. In addition, use a blender to make one liter or more ginger juice (fresh ginger) or carrot juice every day and just drink the fibers, which is good for the intestines because they help to detoxify. In addition, get ginger powder from the Surinamese store in a kilo bag and occasionally preferably put 1/3 tablespoon in the mouth on an empty stomach and then slowly work it in. Also get a big bag of black pepper and put it over the food.


Within one week I was able to walk again (like a miracle) and also sleep again the second week after this self-found cure my dog ​​picked up again at the shelter because I could now walk him again! God how happy we were, he had to jump at me for 10 minutes!

I came back from hell to earth believe me! I even thought to end it. I did everything through information via the computer (a ton of information) if I had not had a computer I would now be dead or in a wheelchair or had artificial hips and artificial knees.

The GPs and medical specialists do not know anything about Lyme or do not want to know anything about it! I have been completely free of complaints for a year now, but I still eat a lot of garlic and now and then also ginger juice from the blender because you never know, but now I no longer suffer.


zolochnaya says:

It does not ALWAYS come from a tick bite. Studies have shown that mosquitos can also carry Borrelia

tilt canary says:

Lymes really never goes away, it just keeps destroying your nerves slowly each day. It then leads to autoimmune conditions that snowball into chronic fatigue and mild dementia.

Bobby Shmurda says:

I had Lyme disease in all of my child hood and it fucking sucked. I had it for years and found out about later but i took antibiotics and they say I got rid of it but now im a lot older and I had to quit my basketball team because of breathing problems and Im always so fatigued and it fucking sucks. It fucked me up mentally and physically And i also have speech problems and I just feel like it fucked me up in every way And its completely destroying my life.

Renate Uhlig says:

Ich habe auch Lyme Borreliose Die Ärzte in Deutschland unterschätzt und verharmlosen diese Krankheit. Ich habe nicht ausreichend Medikamente bekommen. Ich wollte eine gute Behandlung, aber diese hat man mir verweigert. Ich habe ständig starke Gelenkschmerzen in den Knien, den Oberarmen und in den Schienbeinen. Wenn man in Deutschland privat versichert ist, bekommt man eine bessere Behandlung. Das wissen viele nicht auf der ganzen Welt . Bei mir wurde 2017 die Borreliose diagnostiziert Aber zu spät und nicht ausreichend wurde ich behandelt. Ich wünsche mir für die Zukunft, dass es nach fast 40 Jahren der Entdeckung dieser Bakterien endlich einen Impfstoff gibt.

Aka says:

he had to go through a whole tour with this lyme disease

Nakisha Hardy says:

No o ñn e like him anymore people

Netto shopper says:

Bieber is a girl

u unz says:

I bet it's really a STD.

tintinesk says:

Bless them, but don’t think Lyme disease always goes like with Avril and Justin. Many patients without millions of dollars (or euros or..), top doctors, media exposure, rich celeb friends, expensive treatments in private hospitals etc often will have to battle this terrible disease in a worsening state, year after year, for years or even decades/life-long, with damaged/infected-inflamed organs, nerve damage, excruciating muscle pains and fatigues, joint inflammation/pain, chronic brain fog, disturbed hormones/sleep, suffering from seizures/Jarisch-Herxheimer reactions due to the toxic overload of antibiotics treatments, decreased neurological capacity, emotional/socio-psychological problems etc.

This needs to be known and understood. Compared to millions of gravely ill Lyme Disease patients around the entire world, Avril and Justin – “luckily” for them – have the “light” ( —-> Most don’t even get diagnosed let alone treated, let alone treated RIGHT) version of Lyme Disease PLUS the deluxe illness treatments, which apart from them and very rich, anonymous people, NOBODY receives …..

Uлďĕτĕ¢τĕďķїĿĿĕя+ says:

I gave it to him

Poker Channel says:

what a moron. "God . . ." You can stop listening after the first word.

prissy fer says:

He’s got the H

FX says:

Lyme Disease is a bio weapon. Erich Traub.

Geo Pipe69 says:

I would love to see a video of a guy dressed like a giant tick jumping on Justin lmao RIP 32

TheSchmo says:

LYMES (Morgelons); It's definitely a GM disease. I found large quantities of Clove Powder lessened the pain, almost cured the Lesions and lessened the Symptoms.

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