Avril Lavigne on Her Struggle With Lyme Disease

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The rocker reveals she’s been battling the crippling disease for months.

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Wait a second.. plant-based diet and fitness cures this??


1 I hope this message gets out there to who needs to end their Lyme disease.

Buckley Robin says:

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Bill M says:

I have been a Chiropractor and Clinical Nutritionist for 35 years. I also had a terrible case of Lyme Disease for over 15 years before it was properly diagnosed. Initially, I took heavy doses of antibiotics. I did that at a much higher dose and for a much longer time than is recommended. It did absolutely nothing. Next, I used all of my clinical resources, contacts, and knowledge to treat the disease in every possible natural way. It did very little for me. Finally, in desperation, I started taking 1 salt tablet every waking hour. Within 5 days I was nearly symptom-free for the first time in 2 decades. And years later, I am still symptom-free. A bottle of salt tablets will cost you under $15 at any pharmacy. You do not need a prescription. But you may want to be monitored by a physician if you have salt-related blood pressure issues.

Carol says:

When she said doctors thought she was crazy I can so relate! That’s what happens a lot with people with autoimmune disease

Li Rose says:

All my support to her

praveen kumar says:

While she was singing English songs she got lime disease

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