Asian Americans face high coronavirus infection rates and unemployment

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Coronavirus has had a devastating impact on the Asian American community, which has seen a higher mortality rate than White Americans. Elaine Quijano reports for “Asian Americans: Battling Bias.”


RichSmoove says:

… and how many of these cases did the so called journalists actually investigated and followed up?!?!?! ZEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

RichSmoove says:


buster 1 says:

Who care their no more important than any other American. Color is not a privilege

Dennis Thomas says:

Sorry but China is treating Africans like America do. These people's try to own everything.

robotron17 says:

FACT: The test they are using to diagnose COVID-19 has STILL never had a real-world quality-control evaluation!
And the test inventor/Nobel-Prize winner has said ON VIDEO that it "can't tell you if you're sick!"

don ram says:

Never vote Democrats dogs this is what you get

don ram says:

Bloody Democrats dogs

Steven Wolff says:

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Kevin K. says:

What the actual 'F' did I just watch❓ Are you seeing this❓ This is no longer an attempt to take control by Barrf… This is a coup❗ How long before the shooting starts ❗❓

I wrote the same thing a while back when one of the sycophants was babbling about something and he kept going back to saying "It's on the calendar" or "Watch you calendar". And I swear it was the loudest dog whistle I've ever seen.

To be perfectly honest about this… I got a bad feeling about these madmen❗

Beverly Hiles says:

Unbelievable no person should be disrespected no matter race color whatever damn people why

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