Will getting coronavirus win Donald Trump the presidency? | Question Time – BBC

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“Will Donald Trump get the sympathy vote?”

Fiona Bruce presents an hour of topical debate with an audience from Coventry. On the panel: Gillian Keegan MP, minister for apprenticeships and skills, Conservative; Andy Burnham, mayor of Greater Manchester and former health secretary, Labour; Dame Donna Kinnair, general secretary and chief executive of the Royal College of Nursing; Yanis Varoufakis, economist, author and former finance minister of Greece; and Michael Portillo, television presenter and former Conservative MP and defence secretary.

Question Time | 8.10.20 | BBC

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Mike Pelligrino says:

Trump attended KKK rallies with his dad. Why do you think the KKK contributed to his re election campaign?

The protests/riots are because of Trump's racism and support of police brutality….

Earth Life says:

" Will getting coronavirus win Donald Trump the presidency? " Are you CRAZY!!!!

Magdalena Williams says:

Everybody I talk to last week wants to vote for Trump.Democrats are too laud.

Kaan Deniz says:

perverse, horny, anti-islamic great devil abd 'is coming to an end. Allahu akbarrr

Crystal Stogner says:

Donald Trump is a great president we haven't had a great president in a very long time he's got my vote and I'm sure he will win

444 #11 says:


Sara Marcoux says:

Didn't the WHO say masks are more harmful than helpful? Do the people in this video promoting mask wearing read? Trump will win 100%.
The Flu killed my mother after she had a Flu vaccine. The Flu kills 850,000 a year, do you think I am so stupid I would take a corona-virus vaccine? Absolutely not, same as the rest of 2/3's of the nation will refuse any vaccines until they are proven safe.

gmf nyb says:

last guy really nailed it. electing Biden isn't enough, there will be another Trump unless we face the real reasons for discontent, insecurity and violence

Sara Marcoux says:

This video is such total BS by ignorant people, who is paying them? To tell these dreadful lies?

E Juleps says:

Believe your commander in chief, lord of Christ, king of the kings, the cure for virus..in god we Trump, in god we Trump, in god we Trump

Puff Dragon421 says:

No. He’s a Moron.

Harvey Gaming says:

Trump don't bully My Filipino ancestors you fool

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