Donald Trump to return to campaign trail amid questions over health

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With only three and a half weeks before the election it has been another extraordinary day in Washington, where the recently infected president declared he was going to hit the campaign again. (Subscribe:

It has only been eight days since he was tested positive for Covid and four days since he left hospital.

This as Michigan’s governor lashed out at Donald Trump accusing him of legitimising white Supremacists after the FBI foiled an attack against her planned by a right-wing militia group.
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Ralf von der Kolk says:

White House lock down
because of the plague

Caspar MacRae says:

42% of Americans support Trump and 42% of Americans only watch Fox News – guess the Venn diagram overlap?

Why are UK interviewers so smug when it comes to MAGA/Trump? They have Brexit/BoJo-clown at home, yet fail to reveal as the identical #shituation.

Speedevil 95 says:

This is nuts…. How do these people keep a straight face

Staged Eventer says:

Those who watch everything knew this was coming. 25th amendment right? Watch out for the 20th that’s the important one.
World Economic Forum 4th industrial revolution coming to a town near you (Globally). Once I had a crush on Nancy, now she’s f bat sh!t crazy. Choose wisely people. Just because middle class news reporter says something doesn’t mean they care for you. xo FYI I don’t subscribe to any party I just watch and listen to everything and something isn’t right. Australia coming to your town also xoxo

Mark Rhoden says:

If we as private citizens were tested positive for Covid-19 then went about our lives going back to work without a test confirming we were negative we'd be in serious trouble.
Remember as individuals we may feel fine but what about the person standing next to us who might not be so lucky if they contract the virus, even the most hardened virus deniers wouldn't think it right to expose the vulnerable or frail

God is Love says:

This is fake NEWS… God has protection over our president and Christians in the US and those who fight for faith, freedom, and values

Time Tom says:

It’s all over for the evil deepstate..Breaking breaking the world health organisation just updated there evil website..a get this ..the who’s statement (cov19 is no more dangerous than the normal flu)..yes folks there evil plan is crumbling before your eyes…tick tic toc every one watch the clock.

Alex Quinn says:

Channel 4 news is so biased and full of bs now it's rediculous. Propaganda.

Biden – refused to condemn ANTIFA and called the organisation an idea. He said this in the debate.

Trump has condemned far right groups on many occasions, you can see this on numerous videos on YouTube.

Stop trying to convince the British public that Biden is righteous whilst pointing out Trumps failings. Give us the real picture of both.

You can't get away with this now, we see the evidence ourselves

Kevin Mullins says:

I wish we had Trump instead of Borris a proper leader

TheQueenRulesAll says:

Also, not all teump supporters are white supremacists yet seems all white supremacists are supporting him. None of them on the democratic side, why the Republicans support this movement by doing nothing is just wrong.

ChristianPatriarchy says:


magicwizard196 says:

Trump doesn't mind infecting his entire base if it means he gets re-elected.

TheQueenRulesAll says:

Trump's supporters will believe him and go anyway. He has them all believing if he loses its because of corrupt election but if he loses it is corruption on the democratic side. The comments by his supporters are just scary thinking they aren't sheep. They hold so much fear if he loses they will all show up at the WH, armed amd ready to keep him there. So sad.

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