Al Gore on "losing" to George Bush

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We loved having time with Al Gore today, a man who is doing so much to help save this planet of ours.

And it was particularly fascinating hearing how he dealt with “losing” the Presidential race to George Bush…


zjkingsley7 says:

Al Gore looks like he coaches college football now.

M Stone says:

I’ve always wondered how Al Gorr would’ve handled 9/11

Gustavo Amorim says:

Somehow, he is more arrogant than Bush.

JBurd Drone says:

Sore-Loserman 2000 LOL At least he went away after losing. Killary is still bitter 3 years later after getting CRUSHED!

Josh Staiger says:

Al gore is such a sore loser. They recounted Florida 5 times and 5 times Bush won. And people always bring up the popular vote. Read the constitution, that's not how a presidency is won! It's not that hard

FavreianVengeance says:

Al Gore made a crap load of money on his climate scamming. This is why he doesn't feel sorry for himself; it's not because he's so magnanimous, imo.

Sammy Hewson says:

Al Gorr and John Kerry should’ve been the presidents of the United States and it’s criminal that they didnt

Michael Chapman says:

He’s super, super cereal

Dan Hanz says:

Three "Lefty" morons…but at least the two young ones actually believe in Global Warming. Al all about da $$$$$$$.

Jacqueline b Tocci Gail Helena Billings says:

You didn't lose you had the popular vote!

Vi A says:

Funny yo hear three snowflake liberals still upset they lost in 2000 and 2016. Maybe you can still build your bullyproof windows in your safe space.

Karanveer Singh says:

He deserved the Presidency.

Inbred Trumptard says:

Al Gore was the elected president. Cons like to talk so much about voter fraud but hardly care about the one in the 2000 election.

Tony Oakley says:

Couldn't win his home state

Scott Tyler says:

SO DO dems literally never accept election results unless they win? Pretty sad

Frank Stain says:

woodstock is over. our man is in the whitehouse.

Tickle-me Homo says:

Al Gore can fuck off with his thoughts and documentaries. We don't need them

knight of the white chameleon says:

Are u two democratics?

Ti Co says:

Poor dude. He would have done so much better. Lol

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