You shouldn't have to choose between filling your prescriptions and paying bills | Kiah Williams

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As prescription drug costs skyrocket in the US, thousands of people are forced to forgo lifesaving medications — all while manufacturers and health care facilities systematically destroy perfectly good, surplus pills. Kiah Williams shares how SIRUM — a nonprofit that delivers unused medications to families who need them most — plans to drive down prescription prices by recycling almost a billion dollars’ worth of medications in the next five years. (This ambitious plan is a part of the Audacious Project, TED’s initiative to inspire and fund global change.)

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Shazrin The Great says:

Real heroes saving lives. I love it.

Sweet Meat says:

If you need to choose between paying for medications and paying the rent/bills.. then you probably need to get a second or third job.
This is just a load of emotional arguments, what it boils down to is that people want "free stuff" or at least have to work less to get what they want or need.
The only thing I can see is people moaning and complaining about something the want, but they dont make the effort to achieve it.
Go work, work hard! No excuses, no complaints.

Harvey Jackson says:

Does anyone else think she's super attractive?

Dhruv Tekker says:

Hello socialists!

credenza1 says:

Thank goodness for President Trump's concerted efforts to reduce prescription costs. He has taken this issue on unlike any other President, not to mention his "right to try" order.

Victor Gallardo says:

Yes but you and I pay taxes and the person who is supposed to help us gets the best treatment that none else can get in the world and he does not care if we have money to pay for bills, rent or medications! He just want his judge to be appointed no matter what ! Not once he said sorry for all the people who we lost due to Covid !! Under his watch !! Shame ! Shame ! On him and all around him !!!

Christopher Gruenwald says:

What about all the people who have money for cigarettes, beer, scratch off tickets or drugs, but not money for their bills or medication?

Roger Dumas says:

1:37 I quit my job with the help of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

Noah Fox says:

Ted turned into liberal policy ads

Naglak2008 says:

good video great sentiment

Shravanee Vajpeyee says:

People loss
As well as nation loss
It's really bad
They're doing great job

Kahve TV says:

you are shooting very nice content. i am turkish but i can speak english um. those who love this channel +1

Kevin A. says:

I absolutely love this! I find it crazy that doctors swear an oath to protect lives, yet this path doesn’t apply to poor people. I didn’t even know that many medications are discarded; this company is amazing.

Sunil Srivastava says:

Any branch or concerning office in India.. please explain about this facilities..

Michael williams says:

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Meenu Mohan says:

Is it safe to use shortdated medication?

Ryan Chong TY says:

Thank you <3

Alicia Cast says:

Great idea! Sounds like a real problem solver for so many. May this system grow and grow. We really need this. God Bless!

railzip says:

The social determinants of health …

David Dylong says:

People don't donate their medication they donate food And if your on medication you don't donate blood! And don't donate plasma! Go to the food shelf

Lev Marchuk says:

101 people: uhh actually they should have to die unable to pay for life saving treatments and drugs. They just should have worked a fifth job with such a condition

David Dylong says:

How often do people overdose on medication and alcohol?! How often do people have seizures after a couple of missed doses of medication?!

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