Top 10 UFO Sightings in Britain

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UFOs aren’t just an American phenomenon, you know! For this list, WatchMojo UK counts down the most bizarre, intriguing and unexplained UFO sightings in the UK. Whether it’s strange flying discs, inexplicable flashing lights, or ominous dark shadows… these things have helped to build UFO folklore all around the world, and they’ve all happened on just this one small island!

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llannerch-y-medd ufo 1978

Paranormal Activity and Mysterious Stories says:

we've been seeing ufos for thousand of years.
what evidence do we have that they're visiting or here to just sight-see?
according to the leading experts, we've explored less than 5% of this planet's oceans.
that leaves a lot of room for another species to do whatever it wanted to without the knowledge of the general public.

the crafts that we've been seeing are piloted or controlled by another species that shares the planet with us.

Mark Daniel Kendrick says:

Does anyone sometimes wonder

“Dang it I wish I wrote that comment”

Vi Nguyenthanh says:

I have a video clip by nasa live accidentally discovered a suspected ufo object rising from the earth into the atmosphere. Video October 6, 2020.

Knauss Piano says:

What happened to BUFORA? I once submitted a report of something.

robert roberts says:

you missed out the incident that happened at ripperstone farm in st brides bay there was a book written called the uninvited which ufo's was seen at this farm and other things went on there as well look it up.

ItsYourMama says:

Some people are just crazy.

I mean do these people even know what UFO means you can tell there lying coz it's all the same stero style bs.

Skylar Irvine says:

Thank you WatchMojo for your help in the Disclosure movement.

Atheist Orphan says:

‘The Robert Taylor Incident’ sounds like the name of a 70’s prog rock band.

Atheist Orphan says:

2:21 – ‘Well-win garden city’. It’s WELL-IN! The W is silent.

Atheist Orphan says:

Kim Wilde’s sighting was probably just water on glass.

Bjarne Nilsson says:

Well I don’t dispute that they where ufos, by definition any areal fenonomen lacking sufficient classification us indeed a ufo , what I doubt tho is their implied extra terrestrial origin

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