CRISPR gene editing will transform cancer treatment

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Gene-editing technique CRISPR-cas works like a pair of scissors to cut DNA, inserting or reordering bits of genetic code with remarkable, science-fiction-like results. Subscribe:

In humans, the technology is being tested to battle cancer — by removing patients’ immune cells, editing them, and reinserting the weaponized cells into the body to hunt cancer.

One of the leading scientists who developed the technique is Jennifer Doudna, a biochemist at the University of California, Berkeley.

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Cyclone Trading says:

Bless you! Bless you! Thanks for helping the human race!

Narong pol says:

it gonna work for cure HIV??

Harvey Manfrenjensenden says:

And what would the bark beetle eat if not trees? Answer: us!

Elías Gabriel says:

We are entering a new paradigm.

Elías Gabriel says:

Can we be immortal in the biological sense?

Larry Price says:

Please help the people that have cancer HIV neuropathy diabetes desperate and waiting for crisper cast 9 Gene editing can you please tell me the year you think it'll come out thank you very much and have a wonderful night

Larry Price says:

I don't want to die I've had HIV since 1986 when will they have clinical trials or something for people like me that desperately need your help to cure our sickness please help desperate and waiting

Larry Price says:

when will you be able to help the people that really need it in the United States and in the doctors can give it to their patients desperate and waiting I've had HIV for 36 years please help me and tell me when I can find this in my doctor's office

Aavale' Storm says:

Evolution of humans and all other living organisms.

Alexandru Dutulescu says:

Why is she reading??? She is supposed to know this as a profesor.

Markstubation01 says:

Can we manipulate Bees so that they can't use their stings? Or make spiders unable to use their fangs?

Or even bread humans who are immune to cancer, HIV and a whole bunch of diseases.

Kunj Vyas says:

Where can I learn more about the current progress of the "imaging" she described at 3:25?

Max Bar says:

Yeah let's just genetically modify nature, what could possibly go wrong? If you want to play God, you have to be God. This is sure to bring destruction on a scale never seen before and not imagined yet.

Vince Mertens says:

Literary staff multiple truck find.

TanTanTan says:

Can i inject memes to my genetic?

Harald Throne-Holst says:

Quite scary in my opinion, and I am then thinking about "fixing trees" or "bark beetles" or the idea of de-extinction – bringing back extinct animals or plants. Careful thought and reflection desperately needed, what are the wider expectations?

Particularly noticable is that under the promise of curing cancer, which is a pressing concern and everybody would appreciate, the same technology is launched as a panacea to 'all' other problems, and apparently hard to question these other potentially problematic uses, as you would face questions like: "What, do you not think it is a good idea to combat cancer?!"

Ry says:

Most of these videos have experts on common subjects tell us fairly common knowledge facts. "In the future we'll be able to do this and that, of course we don't really know when. But yeah." Not terribly interesting. But they do have me hooked with these gorgeous graphics, so I keep coming back regardless.

Ankush Sharma says:

nice thing that bio videos are also added

Mandelson Fleurival says:

Whats up with the DeRay video? The views are way below "norm" views, a greater divide between likes/dislikes, not to mention the comments are disabled. I assume from the vile comments left by some of our cohabitants. I love the Verge, I'm a long time Vergcaster just "sippin' on my Si-zzor, while cutting through the night." Thanks for making that video.

Rhody says:

This is the best series I've seen you guys do. And some of the best content on all of the web. Keep it up!

StonerDog says:

Earth did just fine until human showed up

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