Week In Life of a Graphic Design Student

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I vlog my whole week and show you what a week in life of a graphic design student is like! I hope you all enjoy the video. 😊 If you have any questions about anything I did, said, or showed in this video let me know—would love to chat!

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Kacy Janna says:

I’m taking graphic design next year and I’m really hoping I will like it since I draw digitally a lot.

Louis Kaligis says:

Do you have any recommendations for design laptop

Brown Dude Studios says:

Great video. Thanks for sharing this with us…

Lu says:


Im in my last semester and its nothing like my life style. THIS IS A EXAMPLE OF A GOOD LIFESTYLE.

Mine is…

haha- Im a disaster.

Joseph Wehbe says:

We go to the same school. ^.^

draw with me says:

Whats are the thinga need to be a perfwct profesaional grapghics designer

CreativeShortyy says:

I want choose this but I’m scared that I’m not creative enough

Marcos Menor says:

I love this video cause I'm a grafic design student in Mexico, and Bro… I really felt that

I have classes at 11am to 8pm, at monday to saturday. One project by day. Art, history, psicology, maths, etc. I love it.

Sorry, my english Is not The best.

skankhunt42 says:

LMAO seems about right, students pretending like their busy when their not and then complain last minute because they procrastinated the entire term.

Dipta0499 says:

"Have you done with deadline"

Yes, of course, I swear

Flore Verschueren says:

As a graphic design student this is extremely relatable, loved it

5M LYRICS says:

that is "Cơm Tắm" 4:14

Twisted_twinz says:

Do you have any other classes besides all the graphic design stuff? (Like math and science)

IMustBeOnAnotherPlanet says:

This video make me understand how italian school programs and system are completely wrong

Naa yy says:

Im design student in Brazil we DONT do anything like these

Justine Tieri says:

How do you pay an apartment, a dog, and a car as a student?

Harjot Singh says:

in which country you are

L U says:

Your designs are pretty cool! :))

cheesie chips says:

im a graphic design student and watching this makes me wanna throw up at how incompetent my school is at teaching

ULA says:

you should see my week as an architect student – crying –

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