iPhone SE 2020 The Advertisement

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iPhone SE 2 Camera Review by DxOMark; Powerful Performance by Single Camera

iPhone SE 2 Camera Review by DxOMark; Powerful Performance by Single Camera


EmperorChiCheung says:

This ad says "hey you're poor aren't you? Here is a super cheap iPhone. Take it!."

James Buckley says:

Sorry- I think this advert is so much better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcVg9pzxzDA

Martina Diaz says:

Esta muy bueno yo ya lo compre

shivam maurya says:

WOW this is the power of a game changer phone….that it can't able to show its FACE.


bhai bakwaaass


I like iPhone very much

Aman Pandey says:

Am i the only one who thinks, its virat kohli in this ad

Mateus martini says:

Made in china kkkkkkk

prajaktapowar says:

Who is the actor ?

Yesha Bhagat says:

Promotes consumerism

vraj virani says:

I love iphone se

Virendra khade says:

Duniya yeha economy slow down face kar rahie haib aur yeh lakho ka mobile batch rahein hai gr8, guys don't be fool and help needy person instead of waisting money

Kunal Rastogi says:

Who is the actor in this ad ?

beastboygaming says:

Is that virat

Sindhu N A says:

is it virat kohli.the beard in the video made me think so

Litzzie Rea says:

This was literally me

Sanam Sharma says:

First ever commercial by any brand where they didn't even show the "Product" itself for which the advertisement has been made. It happens when you don't have confidence on the product but wants to utilize & cash the brand name.

Zontar82 says:

the pretentiousness and patronizing bullshit of the company is clearly reflected in this ad

Will Forrest-King says:

So the marketing for the product is… you open it ? Well thanks now I don't have to buy the only satisfying thing about getting an iphone.

moose185 says:

Love this advert! Apple nailed it.

M Abubakr says:

Anyone else get the professor vibes from money heist? The clothes, glasses, beard, How he sits and neatly opens the phone

Fergus Carroll says:

Get out of here with your gross ASMR adverts you manky tied of a company. Nobody wants your product and I certainly don't want to hear some dude breathing a wiping his dry hands across some jeans.Pure filth. I hate you so much.

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