YouTube's Fake Animal Rescue Channels

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There are seemingly no videos on YouTube more wholesome than animal rescues. But as it turns out, there may be a dark side to the genre. With some channels seemingly faking their rescues, purposefully putting animals in harms way, and straight up abusing animals.

These channels are currently operating, despite being part of this disturbing practice.
-KM Daily
-Happy Dog
-The Rescue Journey TV

Haunted by CO.AG –
Confusion by REPULSIVE –
Les Vieux Habitants by REPULSIVE –
Dark Rage by CO.AG –
From the Darkness by CO.AG –
The Lost by CO.AG –
A Dark Myth by CO.AG –
Cicada 3301 by CO.AG –


Antboi Jim says:

I'd like to know the address of all these channels for umm questions yeah ques

dumb Weeb says:

And they also only kittens and puppies which is also a sign knowing that kittens generally stay close to their mothers and if a kitten gets into a tough situation where they get stuck somewhere the mother will always be there trying help it somehow or try to get humans at least to save its baby. if they get lost the mother will go look for them but yet there are no adult cats to be seen they are literally only using tiny cute animals to make the viewers make them think of them as heroes. its so disgusting and pathetic.

Trousle person says:

I can't make it through the whole video….

Kitty gamer says:

Loads doublebarrel i just wanna talk to them

River Dawn says:

I wanted to see if the channels were still up almost a month and a half later- and they are. They've since rebranded to "Puppy Love" (originally Happy Dog) and "Pets Kitten" (formally The Rescue Journey TV). Both channels have comments disabled. This is sick. Why hasn't YouTube done anything about this?!

Dicking ton says:

qwq this is terrible

Kim Jun says:

This is so fkin disturbing and disgusting what a sick people, i rly hope they get banned or smthn so they wont be able to post any vid on youtube or any social media

Kim Seokjin says:

This disgust me, abusing a animal just for money and fame, what has gotten into people’s damn minds?

RoseTheDog Deer says:

This make me mad. Very mad

Lincoln Bartels says:


layo m says:

Stop talking like that thanks

Marc-Anthony Camel says:

Why would you anybody EVER hurt an animal just for views and subs

Sandy Lewis says:

I spend so much time reporting these channels, but nothing seems to be done about it. Makes me sick to my stomach. What can we do to stop this??

Marc-Anthony Camel says:

See im a big animal lover and seeing that people would hurt a dog ESPECIALLY WITH A FREAKING KNIFE i just…can't

Global_Silver says:

I can't watch this, I'll leave a like so It can keep getting recommended to people

Yolkyostritch169 says:

I really don’t think that the kids would have cut the puppy’s neck without force. Somebody must have told them to or at least forced them to do it.


Why would they do such a thing? They treat animals like test subjects >:( #NoAnimalAbuse


If you abuse animals in any way then please don’t talk to me, you are disgusting

Yashwanth Raj says:

Thanks for the advice

-CσɾσɳαFɾσɠ - says:

I Think That The Channel "The Rescue Journey TV" Is Now "Pets Kittens".

M.O playz roblox! says:

once my bird plucked out his blood feather and at that time I was not home I discovered when I came back home at midnight I saw blood on my bird and the cage I cried the whole night in the morning we went to the vet I felt so BAD. these people are disgusting

PepStep says:

happy dog changed its channel name to "puppy love" and deleted a MASSIVE amount of videos. you can still go and report it though

Itz_Peachy_ Autumn says:

Oh my- look its the same guy that "saved" the dog vodeo

KarmaGamer9_ YT says:



Im fockin pissed! who would do that to a smol pupper

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