Emaciated Horse Rescued In Time To Save Her Life | Animal Cops Houston

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Officers rescue a severely emaciated horse, and hope that she will be strong enough to survive the journey back to the Houston SPCA to be nursed back to health.

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Shelly Pope says:


Elaine says:

Great work guy's.

Olivia Archer says:

676 is extremely low for a horse. Poor thing.

Olivia Archer says:

That is just cruel. My snek Orzo eats on Sunday and you NEVER let a living being go without food or water. Disgusting.

Sonja Wieser says:

Dankeschön für die schnelle hilfe für die Tiere! Respekt

kaiyaki says:

That mare was INCREDIBLY well behaved, I’m so proud of her.

kaiyaki says:

Houston we got a problem

Amy P says:

To abandon ANY animal is absolutely horrid! But the mare, that was beyond disgusting. She is so weak and covered with these damned flies covering her! How can anybody do this? A terrible sore that became infected. The look in her eyes seems grateful that somebody is helping her. I'm glad people like you are here to help this poor baby and other animals.

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