Vladamir Putin Sends Trump a Get-Well Telegram

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The shocking news of President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis rang around the world, dominating headlines from all corners of the globe. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was gravely ill from the virus earlier this year, wished Trump and the first lady a speedy recovery. Russia’s President Putin sent Trump a telegram stating his confidence in Trump’s vitality as a determining factor in his recovery.


Mr. Wavy says:

It’s called respect

•Queen• says:

Old people usually die from covid-19 so Trump will probably die

random kid ? says:

No one 2020

noob420 i saw u vent in Medbay if u deny it I W I L L B A N U F R O M T H E S E R V E R
Noob420: but i di*
Noob420 has been banned

IG0516 says:

lol it IS chinas fault. Do you dumbasses not remember the stories about China arresting people who tried to warn people the severity of it and saying China is downplaying it????

Shawn Wilson says:

It looks like Putin misses his little puppet Donald Trump.

Random Turtle says:

2020 strikes again but funnier this time.

RandomGamerSpace says:

Hahahahaha karma

Michael Gaspar says:

Chug Mexico by Grandpa's in there why would you have to be mean

Bling Retr0 says:

Did Trump get injected with bleach yet or we just not gonna act like he wanted everyone to inject bleach onto their skin? Oh.. ok

Ciaran Robinson says:

Anthrax lol

Thanos says:

I think most people had the same reaktion as Dominic

MR_CLEAN_V2 says:

Putin gets alot of hate for nothing

Andr jsja N says:

Where is the telegram you meant a simple tweet right? Another clickbait lol

The FBI says:

Trump was really Putin his life on the line

Cognetus Melienius says:

Does this mean he will mandate masks?

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