Trump posts video message from hospital

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“I wasn’t feeling so well. I feel much better now,” President Donald Trump said Saturday night from Walter Reed Medical Center.


Rosie Santos says:

Was this prerecorded? He doesn't have IV or marks on his hands. More LIES LIES and more LIES. Melania you are a DISGRACE. GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY YOU THIEF.

Gord Haynes says:

Awwww baby wanna bottle.

Mary says:

I prefer a president who believes in science.

Taylor Queensbury says:

Where is is IV?

Linda Hall says:

How do we know that he didn't make that tape when he first went into the hospital.

Deji Ajayi says:

God bless the President, such a great news

earthlingification says:

Be best don
The best covid patient ever

Hai Van Nguyen says:

Is this real? We do not know the truth.

T Ng says:

Just like that no one is talking about his tax returns and the millions he owes.

Chris Guthrie says:

I don't care which side of the political landscape you are on. He is the duly elected President so I wish him well. Only soulless people wish death on anyone.

Catherine Rogers says:

I wish he'd come out wearing his presidential pajamas and robe. It would humanize him;
a bit goes a long way these days. LOL. We will be praying for your restoration!
God Bless America the Beautiful, some more.

Nicoletta Ciccone says:


Joshua Rowe says:

I don't wish him ill but I do want to see him fight this virus off with just medicare/cade that he wants to cut so bad and $1,200. Just like a lot of other americans had to do.

Antony says:

All the fancy treatments for him, it is bleach, Hydroxycloroquine, taxes and no health cover for you peasants

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