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Astronomy · Metallica

Garage, Inc.

℗ Blackened Recordings

Released on: 1998-11-24

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Kondzio717 says:

Jason is Da Man. Much respect.

ThugAim says:

This song has hurt more than most, yet it kills me to hear it fade off on in to the distance, not knowing if its in the past or off in a future Ill never manifest…Im just so afraid of dropping on the shoulder, or somewhere in the jungle….nobody will find me, nobody to play my songs…what stories do we tell of the people who never thought they mattered…I always knew. AntɪNᴇᴏ, xnɐ/ᵃⁿᵗ I have been so many in so little few…

L J says:

Basically it's own original composition.. that's what you want in a cover. James' voice is fcking superb here, amazing vocal harmonies

krakpablo says:

My hair always stand up when I hear this cover.

The Real Shark Barbara Ann Corcoran Official says:

Blue Öyster Cult did it better.

Stephen Szabo says:

Nope…not as good as the original

snakepitguy says:

for a change a good cover from that bunch!

MetalPersonJ says:

fuck them for that fadeout. The original doesn't fade out.

frosten frost says:

Металлика – навсегда со мной

frosten frost says:

со школы до сих пор помню это – ХЭЙХ!))

I dont wanna use my name says:

sorry but that cover is asking for it lmao

HornetGamer says:

My favourite Metallica cover – true to the general shape of the original while putting a very distinct Metallica stamp on it. It's easy to see why BOC themselves redid this so many times.

Erik Arnald says:

Maybe the best outro to a Metallica song since 1989

Julio Cesar Pereira says:

Cover of the great Blue Öyster Cult song.

branko bugarski says:

UNDERRATED: hate to see this word in comments.

It's Me says:

666k views, nice

Fletcher Peterson says:

Is it weird that a böc song being covered by Metallica is kinda giving me iron maiden vibes?

Diamond Rivera says:

Would song this be ideal for a father and daughter wedding dance??

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