How Medical Research Gets It Wrong (Medical Bias Part 1)

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Further reading about the types of bias in medical research:

This video is the first of a few looking at why newspapers and website run so many bad articles about health and medicine. Some are just plain lies, but many are the result of lazy research or faulty analysis. I only came back to write this bit as YouTube said the description counts for something and you should mention some keywords so pseudoscience quackery confirmation bias cognitive bias Big Pharma oNe WeIrD tRiCk chiropractic homeopathy alternative doctors hate him medicine goop blah blah blah


alreadythen1 says:

We all have biases, we want to prove our opinions counts.

Sir. Grumpy Pawson says:

meh video was ok

Suzanne O says:

Actually double blind experimentation can be unethical as heck and therefore not possible. For example, when testing contraception, you can't exactly have half of your women accept the risk that they might have a baby they didn't want. Or vaccines: you might be exposing people in the control group to a possibly lethal disease.

Hannah Solomons says:

I'm a big fan of yours.. I'm addicted to your channel (although this one is a bit boring lol). But I think it would be great if you do a video (ideally a collab) addressing women and people with disabilities. You mentioned the issues with women in passing…but really it deserves its own video. Cardiology is one of the standard examples of bias in medicine against women. For people with disabilities, they are often the experts in their conditions, and have to explain themselves to their doctors, and do their own research. Often we end up relying on anecdotal evidence because we know our own bodies and our best sources of information are people around us in our community. This can make us "difficult patients". This is of course not to mention the same bias that we face from plain discrimination. Happy to chat about it with you. I'm only raising this because I think you'd be good for this.

Nikoleta Hanakova says:

My favorite statistics joke is: If you have your head in a freezer and your feet in a furnace, on average the temperature you are in is comfortable.

Sarah Ngegwe says:

It's ironic that the ad that played in the video was a guy screaming about why ppl should stop taking their cholesterol medicine and that big pharma is hiding secrets…yikes

Madison Sido says:

When I worked in the ER it really got on my nerves that I could never comment on it being quiet without getting chewed out.

stonersiren says:

ty for not joining in on the "dont say quiet" stuff… i was an EMT and it was so annoying (tbf i think its pretty harmless, just an inside joke, but sooo annoying)

Feelzbad CHAI says:

meh, its ok.

Elazar Pimentel says:

I wish I had the guts to challenge you on the pronunciation of 'med-cin'

Elazar Pimentel says:

Doc., Don't mind if you don't smile since we love your sense of humor. But as a nurse practitioner, if I saw you with those dropping eyelids with no patients waiting for you I would do a five point restrain on you and force you to get some sleep.

KamiKazeKaito says:

Nurse, there is someone talking to himself in the hallway. Can you tell this lunatic to let peple sleep? Thanks.

Yi Song Ding says:

Nice endcard. That music is from "Narcissistic Bitch", the Dr Phil meme. My God, are you very cultured. It had to be played during the sponsorship part…Sneaky Bastard.

herauthon four says:

Herb question : i got 1Kg of Allspice (Piment)
but reading about this i find.. the oil in this herb
: Methyleugenol
it is assumed carcinogenic . .

Queef Man says:

"Schrodingers carcinogen" had me spit out my coffee

Maffoo says:

What’s the probability that Linda is unemployed with that philosophy degree?

Roy Douce says:

Stabilisation, good job you don’t have a nervous tick , wooooo

Shiro Yasha says:

Schrodinger's carcinogen

CreRay says:

Although everything cited here is just basic statistics, I fear that it’s poorly understood (or not at all) by a large share of the population. My suspicion is that at least in part, these people are turning to alternative medicin for the reason that they get offered an easy to digest message, which maybe utterly wrong but is entirely convincing to them, whereas the content of this video might be mumbo jumbo to them. Solutions, well I haven’t any…

Jacinta Soza says:

i wish i had seen this like three weeks ago, im a 1st year med student and had a course about this, but this made it more clear, i wish i had seen it for the test

Andrew Ye says:

4:16 it makes me mildly uncomfortable that this clip was tracked to your nose

sarah kelly says:

quack is a dirty word, watch rockefellar medicine…

Tim Marrier says:

The quadruple-blinded study: When you don't even know you're testing people who have no idea they're even being tested with a treatment applied surreptitiously (e.g. coffee break, pudding cup, hash pipe, infant formula, etc)

mary says:

Oooooh, you're the guy that comes in the room, declares it's quite, then run away giggling tempting the gods. A pox upon your house, sir.

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