Wuhan virus: second death reported in China as Japan finds first case

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A 69-year-old man who died January 15, 2020, is the second person to die from a new strain of coronavirus linked to the central Chinese city of Wuhan. Health authorities in the city in Hubei province announced the death on January 16. On the same day, Japan announced its first confirmed case, a man in his 30s who tested positive for the virus after visiting Wuhan.

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DeAngelo Stevens says:

I Blame The Simpsons for this

Bryan Max says:

Strange it never left wuhan city but it managed to spread across the whole world. Which means they knew 1 to 3 months in advance and said nothing. Probably a lab leak

RS R1SSIN says:

Notice how it's say 69?

Pinkpunch says:

Chirona wuhan & hubei virus

Vincent Conti says:

Season 1 Episode 4

Rudi Van de Reep says:

What's scary is that a metal band group has a picture of the corona virus in their albumn printed in September 2019


Inwish i could blow up china

Aditya Rathore says:

Back to S1E1

ScaryNinja 7 says:

This year has got to be the best year corona now a new illness that is in the family of sars and mers

ScaryNinja 7 says:

This feels like the game plauge inc

gaurav dhameeja says:

For the future generation checking how bad it really was, 6 months into the outbreak, 16 million people have been infected and over 700k people have died.

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