She sits with COVID-19 patients as they die | ICU nurse

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Lakisha Mohan, an intensive care unit nurse at Markham Stouffville Hospital, says the pandemic is “emotionally exhausting” for health-care workers who are the only connection COVID-19 patients have to their families in their final moments.

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Arya Shah� says:

I love Free Fire

Es Pr says:

Brave girl, bless you ❤

gloria asaram says:

God bless u my dear…u a hero to so many

Elsie Sinclair says:

Thankyou ❣️

Nicole Aladrian says:

God bless these nurses and doctors!

input365 says:

People should not be put in ventilators especially not when they have this so called covid , the families should be beside the loved ones,the reason why they want the families away from this people is because the system dies what ever they want without any oppositions or obstacles . Usually killing the patients.
The pandemic is not real you as a nurse should know this.

Iteasia Morsby says:

May God continue to bless you and your fellow co workers! I really appreciate you! You’ll truly amazing!

Tom Isaac says:

A TRUE hero!!! God stand beside you all!!! And a heart felt, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING THAT YOU DO!
I lost both of my parents to Covid within 24 hrs. It was nurses like her that were the last life line trying to give them each some comfort at the end. God bless all of you on the front lines. We will never begin to be able to pay you back.


Well done nursing must be from the heart. Hod bless you richly in Jesus name amen.

Courtney Smith says:

How are all the camera crews in hospitals but you can’t go in with your love ones

Helen Dixon says:

Thank You for all your hard work. My heart goes out to you and your family. God Bless and keep you safe.

C S says:

Well the Covid is going stronger than ever two months later


If nurses can be there your family should be allowed to go wearing ppe

Abhijit More says:

Lots of love ❤️ from India and thank you for what all you do for people.


I'm having to self isolate as I am in the high risk category of contracting covid19, so I've been stuck at home for months, my sister in law contracted covid19 at her work, she was lucky enough to have pulled through it, but she now has pneumonia and last Sunday she had an angina attack, she was also lucky to have survived that, so I thank all the doctors at the Glasgow royal infirmary who looked after her, the reason I'm high risk is because I'm autoimmune, I've also had pneumonia 4 times, and the 4th time that i had pneumonia, I also had sepsis on top, not many people survive sepsis alone as it is fatal, so I thank all the doctors yet again at the Glasgow royal infirmary ICU for looking after me in October last year who saved my life then, they're amazing, and they are proper heroes right now, and I thank them for saving my sister in law, god bless them all, and I wish that they all stay safe and take care, loads of love to all of the staff at the Glasgow royal infirmary hospital in Scotland xxx


Lakisha, do I detect a slight bit of Scottish in your accent? It's an amazing job you are all doing, well done to you all xxx

Navneet Kaur Kalra says:

U all are super heroes we respect ur work and u till Eternity. Ur heart is stronger than anybody. We are because of u

J B says:

Stay strong medical personnel, God Bless America we will defeat this virus.

Cher Browne says:

The heartfelt comments below say it all.

Anupam Jana says:

They are real warriors of humanity

Elsa Yu says:

good gob you are our hero !

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