Overcoming Panic Attacks with Psychologist Dr Becky Spelman at Private Therapy Clinic London

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Overcoming Panic Attacks with Psychologist Dr Becky Spelman at Private Therapy Clinic London
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Harley Street sychologist Dr Becky Spelman from Private Therapy Clinic discusses how one can overcome Panic Attacks.

Find out more on the best way of overcoming Panic Attacks with Dr. Becky Spelman, who provides useful insights, tips and methods in this video.

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Mohamad Firdaus says:

i mean, i have been their victim for so many years..even a police dont know how to take action..i hope you can help me solve my problem..thanks for your videos Doctor..

Kum BoonChye says:

What about myoclonic seizures?

Danielray Pickrel says:

Are they panic attacks if they happen in your sleep?

Kris H. says:

What if this anxiety is causing life problems?

Kris H. says:

What if it is really possible that person could be in danger?

Andraya Anderson says:

Sit with the pain and ride it through.

maira hussain says:

I never have panic attacks which are 5 or ten mins .it's like I am in a all day panic attack

Jassy Bars says:

I stop in school cause of this panic attacks

Michelle Holt says:

Brief panic attacks? Passing quickly? Anyone ever have a brief quick panic attack that lasts hours and hours???

Carol Lee Pirro says:

Mine always start with cramps in my abdomen that radiates to kidneys then sweating, vomiting, and the rest. …. Thank you

Brekisses says:

My panic attacks usually happen when I’m left alone. I hate not being around someone i love. Like my mom, sister, or boyfriend. I have to be around them or at some point I’m going to have a panic attack.

Hannah Golightly says:

What the hell?! If my panic attacks only lasted a few minutes i wouldn't even be here. Try 16 exhausting hours. Useless.

Mary Flores says:

Thank so much I really need your my email maryjane_flores98@yahoo.com Can you help me ❤

Denit Rocky says:

Thanks a lot . You have given a detailed knowledge about panic attack

The Astronomer says:

My stutter gives me panick attacks in social situations everytime. It never fails to disappoint me and make me stutter more. Damn devil

Marian Chaney says:

The problem is that I don't know what is causing the attacks. I can't expose myself to the problem if I no idea what's causing it.

Heather Marin says:

I have panic disorder and agoraphobia because of it. I did well for a bit but then my dad passed and I'm back to being housebound and having to have someone with me always…willing help me? Can u….do u have a FB. I'd love to work with u?

sebastian langley says:

OMG, i just walked outside in the dark on my own! just for 3 minutes but i did it!

sebastian langley says:

I get panic attacks when im asleep which wake me up. When this happens i cant be reasoned with and think im going to die. i have called the emergencies now twice and it seems like i have no control because they occur when im asleep. Im going to practise what you ask and see how i go. Thank you !

BeGruntle says:

thank you for the advice

Healing in Africa My Mental health journey says:

The exposure thing doesnt work for me. I have had major (unexpected panic) since being assaulted 2 years ago., its got worse and worse. I used to support various NGO's and now I find I cannot watch some of their videos anymore, as it will bring one on, and things that never used to bother me now do. I know what I have seen from Burundi would in fact bother many people, but I used to handle it. Recently I witnessed something i dont even want to go into too much here, but involving decapitation amongst other bodily destruction of certain people – and I honestly wish I had never seen that, as now I cannot "un-see" it, and I dont really fancy watching it again, and never ever see myself as becoming "desensitised " to it. And in fact, I would find it worrying if people were not sensitive to it (even though I used to be less so). I have a major fear of being sick, not done it over 25 years now, and to be frank id rather die its that bad 🙁 Otherwise I would induce all the other panic symptoms and push through, but not while I still have this stupid "v" phobia, 🙁

Renee Lambert says:

Thank you for trying to help. I feel more positive!☺️

heather makila says:

What the hell is wrong with you? You can't have someone who is sensitized do that breathing technique at 14:25 You just threw me into a major panic attack doing that!!

Joseph Dunegan says:

Go figure! I'm an Uber and Lyft driver and I have somehow developed a fear of driving. Now I'm having to make myself get out a drive for a few minutes.

Jamie Lee Olivero says:

I relate to this so much, I have been suffering with GAD for 2 years now. If anyone is interested or needs some help, on my YouTube channel I talk about anxiety, generalised anxiety, depression, insomnia and many other relatable topics. I would love some feedback and would definitely love to help anyone out. Thank you.

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