Italy on the mend from COVID-19

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Italy finally turns a corner after weeks of battling COVID-19 infections. Infections are decreasing and doctors are releasing patients.

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Truth Teller says:

Steaming with Eucalyptus oil and Vicks does open clogged lungs. Can also use the ginger, garlic, tumeric , black seed, cayenne pepper, honey and lemon concoction MODERATELY. 1000 daily dose of Vit C also beneficial. Psalm 91 and plead the BLOOD of JESUS.

Deb Chak says:

(Measles morbillivirus + Missed decade of vaccination 60-70 yrs of age + Faulty testing kits + Flu Season) = Covid 19
Final answer Higher Powers
Peace is only possible if truth exists.
Thank You

Paul H says:

Don't ever trust the ccp again

Emmanuel Saga says:

Paracetamol n aspirin its work

Afroman Scarecrow Productions says:

Please share to protect society as there is no vaccine to protect the public from Irwin Mitchell or Begbies Traynor Group PLC dishonest infestations.


After the end of this virus which I hope is so soon we should carry all of these nurses and doctors on our hearts
We should teach our kids about these heroes
The history will never forget them as long as we telling incoming generations about them

Haidir Stephen says:

She is true angel her soul is so pure

Galawis Mudin says:

God bless Italy

rui boquimpani says:

Il protocollo di trattamento Covid19 in Italia deve essere il peggiore al mondo. Il tasso di mortalità è quasi il doppio del tasso mondiale.

Antonia Monet says:

God bless you Italy sending love from the USA

Penstar ĢConsult says:

GREAT LESSON & LEARNT >> SEARCH FOR the TRUTH RIGHT PATH in life towards heaven.

wob Hineven says:

stay strong. 加油 the end is very near.

Dhwani Mittal says:

So good to hear this. God bless. May Italy come out stronger. Keep smiling. Lots of love

Silinda Robertson says:

So happy to hear this… stay strong, stay smart you beautiful people!

Really like food & music says:

In March, Japan reported that 100 doctors were dead in Italy,
but is it really?
I wonder if Japan reported fake news.
There are many cult religion in Japan,
and cult leaders make docors baddas to make cult membership worship.

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