How To Find The BEST Forex Broker

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Having the right Forex Broker is an important part of becoming a Forex Trader. In this video, I go through a few things that I kept in mind when finding a Forex Broker for myself. It’s important that you do your own research in order to find the best Forex Broker yourself.

*Forex Brokers that I currently use: Hugosway & KOT4X

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*Disclaimer: All information in this video is from my opinion and in no way am I an expert on trading forex. The information provided is based upon my personal experience and opinion and I encourage you to do your own research.

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arsalon joneidi says:

you use unregulated forex brokers?

Jonathan Wilkins says:

Check out Osprey and Ingot they are great and you can fund through Cash app. 10 dollar min deposit and Ingot is regulated.

Twanna Canty says:

What color is the paint in the room? Is it Benjamin Moore???

jacque wallace says:

Lot sizes & PIPs please. Teach Me!!!!

Dre Que says:

I’m frustrated please help I’m base in Canada what broker could you recommend please

Jason Khuong says:

How do you deposit money into hugosway and kot4x?


I've been using kot for about 6months. Kot is really lit & convenient. They got a 1:500 leverage with is okay if u a day trader. U can also start trading with 10 & up. Their support team is always there if there's a prob.
I'll recommend them anytime.

Mario Martinez says:

Great video! Love the inro btw, very clever. I came across a team of highly recommended brokers about a month ago named cyber haven(cyber_dojo_ on Instagram),I invested $4,000 in my binary option day trade account and made a profit of over 300% in my first week of trading with their help, been working with them ever since.

Adrianna Alba says:

Thank you for the video! Have you had an issue with Hugosway?

amed sindi says:

ur very good in explaining,
can u please advice me on which broker do i have to use in iraq ?


Thank you very, will check out on my other channel

flyboy ace says:

to start with the beginning of this video was hilarious, but the video was very informative. you have a great sense of humor.

Silsila Binary trading says:

What about ospreyfx ? a famous youtuber and trader promoting it. I want to know your oppinion.

myriah bennett says:

I like how you gave options of what to research 🙂

favour iwueke says:

men i laugh out at the beginning of the video(why are you running?)

Keith Thomas says:

Those intros though!!!!

Brittany L. Coley says:

This video: 0:03
Me: Subscribed

tiarambles says:

Are the earnings taxed in Canada? Does KOT4x provided some kinda tax documents at the end of the year?

Benev Bruja says:

Just curious…have you experienced any shady stuff with hugosway?? …they seem to tust take you out of trades without margin call nor being anywhere near SL.

Manuel Vorsah says:

please it hard finding a broker,just bless us with a good broker


What broker do you use an what is the difference between a live and a demo account??

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