COVID-19: Wuhan residents celebrate "new normal" after fighting virus outbreak

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Thirty million people around the world have been infected with COVID-19. While the fight against the virus is still going strong in many places, residents of Wuhan are celebrating a “new normal”.

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leather Guy says:

The Chinese government must be put on trial for crimes against humanity

Tony Evans says:

Never forget the CCP together with WHO lied to the world about how contagious the virus was when it started. Never trust communists!

Logan says:

Wanna be friends?

Phil Zappa says:


Flamin Mongrel says:

Thank for lying in December about the virus affecting humans, communist party.

Edwin Alvarez says:

lets celebrate that the entire world is messed up because of the communist party……thank you for that china!!!!

Unknown person says:

China will neber learn any lesson.The overlord is always right.

Saleshongkong SALESHONGKONG says:

See the truth is hidden wait and watch in November 2020till February 2021

James Lim says:

China should be made to pay for their crime against humanity and all the damages caused by the China virus.

QZ says:

I hope those mindless comments here are not from Singaporeans.

J J says:



Hmmmm … ok then SG can allow tourist from Wuhan now.

projacques07 says:

Yet nobody question why there were billions of dollars funding from US government to Wuhan Lab of virology before the outbreak.
Sad reality, but best to keep it hidden for the sake of Wuhanese safety, as CCP has done bad things to uighurs which they denied.

Btw, why does CNA keeps pushing the "New norm" Agenda?

Ng may says:

Great Wuhan, Happy Go Healthy Very Day,

John James says:…. news of the normal CCP never allowed in official CGTN or Global news

John James says:
Very impropriate to celebrate when others Countries have cases dying in thousands. Wuhan no doubt is where this Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic originate. Normal countries, Celebrations are due only if Pandemic is over for all countries. China is certainly NOT NORMAL. 70 years of self praising soulless, Godless and immoral Marxist CCP Regime

Myk S says:

Thanks China, now erase our debt to you..

Kim Gamer says:

Imagine it appear there again

Jarrod Yuki says:

release the vaccine already.

Gm Z says:

Hahahahahahah! Now is only AUTUMN! Release those still under house arrest! Vindicate Dr Li Wen Liang!

Meiqi Chia says:

Miss the word Wuhan Virus

John James says:

Clap Clap. So typical of China's propaganda

John James says:

CNA please do not just post clips by CCP official media. Singapore must stay objective. Would the carefully selected scenes " show you the Dark Side "

Heather Larson says:

In the meantime, India with 95k+ new cases per day: cause border conflict with China; America with 40k+ plus most cases in the world: ban WeChat and TikTok apps. Modi and Trump are alike more than we thought.

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