COVID-19: Inside Wuhan's coronavirus hospital

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The COVID-19 outbreak began in the Chinese city of Wuhan, which still has by far the largest number of cases worldwide.

Sky’s Asia correspondent Tom Cheshire spoke to a healthcare worker at a hospital inside Wuhan, who said when the outbreak began supplies were scarce and people thought they were going to die.

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synchronicitygav says:

There's NO WAY the Chinese authorities would let her come out and say this let alone be interviewed for Western TV.. More 'allowed leaks' exposing the 'truth'.

ꕥj.j Jasmineꕥ says:

They are lucky ,
If they are in American or somewhere else , those countries probably don't even care about them

tofu yam says:

1 month later, western imperialists: "hold my beerz"

Sam Lev says:

This is their deadly virus? EXERCISE TIME? She doesn’t seem that sick like she should be in a hospital. America they r fooling us again with this second wave.

- Buehmann says:

My theories:

If this really was manmade in a Wuhan Lab, then it was intentional to infect the whole world, just like a 9/11 attack.

But I think the virus wasn't made in a Wuhan Lab. It was made in America, by people who works for Trump. (It would explain why he doesn't wear a mask.) Then they would send it to China, and make us believe that that's where it originated.

청소년과 놀이문화 연구소ILF says:

we want to tell that it must have an issues with Wuhan and worldwide
if we were there, then there could be some fear or anxious with the outbreak
we must be careful while we walk or doing something else

American Syarikat says:

Stop covid19

Anthony George says:

Put hundreds of people with mild to no symptoms in a confined space and create a massive viral load. Great idea.

Tay eu says:

When china says they have it under control, if so how the hell the world is on spread today and even more dies?

dan020350 says:

-.- …….. boosting morale

Tamara Kennedy says:


Paul hubert says:

Let her finish her talk! Reporter should show all the truth about the interviewee, at least, let her finish her talk. !!! We need truth!!

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