Web Designing in Telugu – Complete Tutorial in 7 Hours

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Web Designing in Telugu – Complete Tutorial in 7 Hours

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Telugu Computer World says:

# వెబ్ డిజైనర్ కావాలనుకుంటున్నారా ? | Do You Want to Become a Web Designer ?

Banjaraism says:

Xml lo html upload cheyyocha

ahamed shaik says:

Your contact number plz


bro songs download website create cheyadam ela with free domin and hosting

Akumarthi Rajesh says:

Any certificate after completed the course in 7 hours please reply me

Tollywood Music says:

Intha baaga ee topic gurinchi evvaru explain cheyyaledhu.Thank you sir.

Kanagala Ravi Kumar says:

Excellent explanation about web design. "advanced c language" is available now or not?

Imthiyaz Lovely says:

Sir… Can u tell me how to add that color picker button to chrome tool bar…

Pokala Sivamani says:

hello sir
example ga maname link create chesamu
emani Telugu videos
appudu telugu videos ni open cheste manaku telugu computer ani oka text kanapadali sir
adi ela

hello sir For example, maname link create chesamu emani Telugu videos If you want to open telugu videos, you can use Telugu text as a text message adi ela

B. Yuva Sree Charan says:

Bro very clear and nice explanation bro
Thanks bro
My first comment

Siva Sankar says:

Namaste annaya 2nd lesson lo only. Bg color matrame vastundi website ite ravadam ledhu pls reply me


Anna mini project chayadam ala chappu on web designing


sir colour is not coming


Please translate in hindi

sudheer kumar says:

Sir, Navigation Dagara Page 1 Nundi Page 2 Ki… Avutundi But Page 2 Nundi Page 1 Ki Navigate Avvatledu… Koncham Evarikaina Teliste Help Cheyandi Bro Plz

Rote Pandari says:

##nenu kuda me lage color chainge chesanu same me lage chesa but color chainge avvadam ledhu

D.M.K gamers says:

Online lo apply ala chesav bro web site ni

Raveendra Nadh says:

please python tutorials chei bro

hima bindu says:

Sir i have a problem that is the font and background wont change whatever I wrote on notepad that will shown in top when I run the code.

Botta Praveenkumar says:

We designer kavali ani anukuntunna…. e vedio lo oko vedio ki okao matter ela tesukoni chesthunnaro cheppandi …..nenu oke matter ki styles Anni apply chesthunna image add avvatledu

Botta Praveenkumar says:

Sir picture add avvatledu help me

ishita bhalla says:

How to make rigester form for our HTML and CSS web-site. plese say.

kmf ksheerasiri says:

Anna nenu oka free domain meeda website creat chesa Dani web design cheyali anna niku amt yichesta

ishita bhalla says:

Brother how to upload a programming web site in internet.

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