Everything You Need To Know About Microsoft (for software engineers)

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In this video, I sat down with @Tech With Tim to talk about what it’s like to work as a software engineer at Microsoft. We covered compensation / salary, perks, benefits, tech stack, internal tools, projects, and more.

Check out the video we made on Tim’s channel about the reality of software engineering: https://youtu.be/Ye5JbYV1q-0

Check out Tim’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4JX40jDee_tINbkjycV4Sg

0:00 | Introduction
0:53 | Compensation, Perks, and Benefits
2:59 | Tech Stack and Internal Tools
4:39 | Fun Fact
5:25 | Projects and Team Matching
8:19 | Visibility Into Hot Projects
9:08 | Company Transparency
11:07 | Technical Interviews
13:36 | Work Velocity
15:07 | Final Thoughts
15:35 | FAANGM?
16:26 | Conclusion

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Clément Mihailescu says:

Check out the video we made on Tim's channel about the reality of software engineering: https://youtu.be/Ye5JbYV1q-0

CweaseGaming says:

I'm a poor student but I hope I can afford algoexpert soon to prepare for graduation later this school year xD

Hu Mann says:

My cousin works at Microsoft as a SE and he loves it. I know it's cool to hate on Microsoft sometimes but they do seem like a fantastic company to work for. At any Microsoft tech conference I attend, the MS employees always seem genuinely happy there.

Daniel Hope says:

Welcome Tim!

General Roy says:

Hey Clement what do you think about the data revolution that is coming ?

Nikhil says:

Who else wants ClementTutorials to be a thing???

Edward Gonzalez says:


R Hathway says:

All major hi tech firms talk a lot with each other.
It's you (all) against the world!

aja23 says:

What Microsoft lacks is stock refreshers. It's hard to justify staying at the company after your sign on stock package is fully vested.

Ryan Gulati says:

Hey Clement, any chance you're working on a front end expert? I know you said companies like FB are ok with people interviewing on the generalist SWE track but I feel like there are a lot of companies that would still prefer you to have team interviews or go through the front end loop

Mihir Adarsh says:

13:27… I was waiting for it 🙂

Hossain Ibna Ehsan says:

Where is the announcement of the ALGOEXPERT CONTEST#2 winner??
I am Looking for it Clement!

sisteminformasi kevin says:

i want to ask if we work in big tech company like google or microsoft can we get the source code what they create and ……. be the next Unicorn?

Nikhil Verma says:

Hello Sir a Need a Web Development job i am having an interview i need skills like Node.js,Express.js,Angular 2.0,Angular 7.0 suggest me some tutorials to crack interview.

Oringescu says:

hey man, you're making great videos covering nice topics but i have to ask you, how the fuck did you quit wow? i'm the kind of kind that is doing ok on the programming side, i'm seeing a great future in front of me and all but god damn, i can play dota 2 all day long

Yash Negi says:

Most awaited video for me.

TheXenaFilms says:

Never really heard of tech with tim but he seems fantastic will check him out! Good video clement, keep it up!! love these interview-esque videos

Chan Rachael says:

**playing games""
seeing tim and clement
stop playing

ProClasic 005 says:

11:22 that smile….you know what's about to come next

Viral Parmar says:


Amogh Das says:

If possible, I'd love a similar video about Netflix.

veho bogi says:

Notification gang!!

Coding Jesus says:

This whole FAANG thing is getting boring Clement. The world isn't only made up of FAANG. And don't fool yourself, Microsoft is just as big as FAANG, and should be part of the acronym.

jfk 7890 says:

This kid Tim is going places for sure!

Aashish Gottumukkale says:

Clement is a legend, i love your videos alot!!

Aayush Patel says:

Can you please do "Everything You Need To Know About Apple(for software engineers)"

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