Lyme Disease – Plain and Simple (Part 1)

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Once upon a tyme… Lyme.


More info:

Lyme disease by the CDC:

Lyme disease of animals (MSD Veterinary Manual):

Special thanks to Kathryn Reif, Deidre Ashdown and, of course, Ceva!

“Thief in the Night”, “Breakdown”, “Take a Chance”, “Darkness Speaks”
by Kevin Macleod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 licence

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Humberto Sandoval says:

Maybe your marketing should be different, this is super great content but I think it's hidden behind all the already "educational boring stuff" cause of classifications. Idk.

amy mcdonald says:

The video is cute but not accurate-it is not a rare disease. A person can develop meningitis within a few weeks of being bitten-not just a flu.

Adnan Heydarabadi says:

very good:))))

Gervon Tank says:

fuck this guy

James Stange says:

And the tombstone joke sealed the deal I will dedicate myself to watching every single video on this channel now every single

James Stange says:

I have now listen to exactly 1 minute 40 seconds of this channel and I'm pretty sure I'm going to

Anonymous says:

Just imagine Else-vet is your doctor and you are in his office sitting opposite to him and listening to his weird way of explaining your condition and the background music playing.

Max Sluiman says:

One of the best YouTube channels!

Williton Harrison says:

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