How Lyme Disease Changed One Girl's Life in an Instant

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Chronic Lyme disease changed the life of a Brooklyn teenager who once danced and played sports changed in nearly an instant. Now she takes more than 70 pills a day and is unable to walk as her doctor tries to treat the controversial diagnosis linked to Lyme disease-carrying ticks. Stefan Holt reports in part one of a eight-part series.

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Kim Horsting says:

This young lady should try ozone treatment.

Kevessi says:

Thank you. I suffered from this.

Mike Cotton says:

this doctorr should be jailed

D S says:

I was administered the antibiotics but not too many people know of the parasite that is all that Lyme disease you can get Lyme disease as well as a parasite my doctor didn’t tell me and your first sign of it is very strong ammonia smell from your urine and this parasite what it does is it it it it’s a way and it’s trying to deplete your red blood cell count and I forget the parasites name but I happened to stumble upon information and I said no I wonder if that would explain all of the sudden just strong ammonia smell I would have to say it was very oddly

D S says:

I had a bull’s-eye rash right on my back and it all turned black all the cells all the tissue cells died that’s what they told me it was quite painful flu it was horrible to this day I can’t lift things I can lift but I don’t have the strength and every year it gets worse and worse my strengths yes I’m aging I’m not in my 20s anymore but this is different I can’t explain the numbing of the legs in the burning I don’t know about infections though I don’t have any infections but I have every other symptom Lyme disease took away my muscle in my muscle I don’t have the strength in my arms like I used used to

Bill M says:

I have been a Chiropractor and Clinical Nutritionist for 35 years. I also had a terrible case of Lyme Disease for over 15 years before it was properly diagnosed. Initially, I took heavy doses of antibiotics. I did that at a much higher dose and for a much longer time than is recommended. It did absolutely nothing. Next, I used all of my clinical resources, contacts, and knowledge to treat the disease in every possible natural way. It did very little for me. Finally, in desperation, I started taking 1 salt tablet every waking hour. Within 5 days I was nearly symptom-free for the first time in 2 decades. And years later, I am still symptom-free. A bottle of salt tablets will cost you under $15 at any pharmacy. You do not need a prescription. But you may want to be monitored by a physician if you have salt-related blood pressure issues.

Fozzy Bear says:

How could any doctor or any parent allow a child to take 70 pills a day? America, you have failed miserably.

Degetsu01 Gaming says:

Bless Her Soul

fan fan says:

Doctors should acknowledge that Borrelia infection can occur without detectable antibody production. This alone would be a major advance, because the conclusion "No antibodies, therefore no Lyme" is definitely wrong.

Jack .Stravinsky says:

Well, I was an idiot that saw people getting bit around me & I did not take it seriously. I sure know what pain, torture, hell & exhaustion it is now. It sure does change your life & it becomes difficult for people around you to understand how you can become so sick & different than what you used to be. The Flu & other everyday sickness is an ultra tiny fraction of what Lyme Disease is & I wish I had those others everyday of my life rather than Lyme Disease! Stay away from grass!


LYME Sux, I have been dealing with since 1998 & 2012, & getting worse.

Sylvio Del Vecchio says:

Don't believe doctors because your test was negative I had lyme 4 maybe 27 years test r negative in local labs then sent blood 2 Igene× came back positive was a taxidermist 50 years deer tic bites from skinning deadheads been misdiagnosed by over 50 doctors tell u all kinds of shit I am disabled now plus it damages the brain find a doctor that believe in chronic lyme and get treatment fast.

wildone99 says:

Had it 10 years undiagnosed, finally got diagnosed after having up to 4 seizures a day. doctors when clueless will do anything in there power to still sound smart even going as far as saying mental illness is causing everything

Desiree Scaldeferri says:

I wish you the best !! Your story is heartbreaking! I know it is Lyme ! Bless you! Thank you 4 sharing❤️

Curt Urweider says:

70% of people with Chronic Lyme Disease test negative . After all these years and they don’t even have a full proof test. Note to the doctors that say it is in your head well actually the right it’s in my head my heart and all my joints along with causing Bell’s palsy. Lyme disease is the most deabilitating than all other chronic disease including MS because it affects your BRAIN , HEART & JOINTS causing pain 24/7. The saying is true, YOU DONT GET IT TILL YOU GET IT. Parents are responsible for their kids and their dogs transporting ticks. This is a fact, if you get it like me and 30% of the people, your kids will not be going to college or have a career it’s IMPOSSIBLE. Parents please beware and to all the Lyme Warriors , PLEASE STAY STRONG, there is a cure right around the corner, this is what keeps me going , POSITIVE THINKING and ** * to all the ignorant medical doctors that are to stupid to figure it out and blame it on being in your head.

TacoManchanic says:

Stay strong girl. I know how you feel. My daughter had been bitten by a tick and it was just scary. She's recovering now in good health.

Ethan Rad says:

The problem is many can't afford a lyme specialist. So for someone like me who's gotten lyme I've only treated one strand while I know for a fact I have untreated strands such as Bartonella. It's a hopeless battle that nobody can understand unless they have it.

Molly Knoblock says:

The test doesn't even test for the bacteria that causes Lyme it tests for the antibodies that fight off the infection. You also have to have a certain number of markers to be positive. So if you are tested too early you'll be negative and if you have a crap immune system you'll be negative too. According to the CDC, I don't have Lyme but the test came back with multiple markers coming up as positive but the last marker I needed was unequivocal. So not positive or negative. Still considered negative to the CDC even though I have a history of being bitten by ticks.

twangel mahoney says:

I am bedridden but thankfully not paralyzed, very weal exhausted ill living on opiates shaking really low temperature but worst of all unbeleivable depression

gohn k says:

Isnt it extremely common people are getting sick with lyme, etc and doctors are saying it's in our "heads" why isnt this changing

wpgspecb says:

Can someone explain to me why every comment has broken English? It really seems like the entire comment section is all bots. Or am I crazy?

By the way, it's Lyme disease not lymes disease. It's not named after a person ( like Lou Gehrig's disease) but a place.

Maria Garcia says:

These IDSA corrupt leaders should be tied up in the woods fill of infected ticks and let them get bit, wait 4 weeks to a year before they get treatment….I think they'll be absolutely scared.

Monia Sfa says:

I got this but thank God my father and sister and my ante and her son are doctors……i was unabel to walk much. They found out i have it after 4 or 5 days and it took me 1.5 or 2 weeks to recover…. I think if they didn't know i would end up like her not able to walk.

Josephkomialt 2ND Channel says:

You will be okay i will miss you

ThePikmania says:

Absolutely amazing father and doctor

Tapanga Soul says:

Self healing, diet, and exercise. Try gi gong, eat ginger, keep joints mobile and nervous system healthy. This disease causes layers of toxins and symptoms which then “imitate diseases”

Ruth N says:

The Blood of Jesus seals you and beals your entire body.

ania n says:

Jestem z Polski i u nas można leczyć się tylko prywatnie.

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